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Am I Dreaming?

Where am I?

It happened so quickly I barely had time to register anything. The light that suddenly blinded me died down just in time for me to jump out of the way before the car that was speeding towards me hit me. I quickly dove out of the way, scraping my hand on the gravel. I wasn't even thinking about how there was a car coming towards me in the first place or how I was suddenly outside at night with my house nowhere in sight when I could have sworn I had just been inside, watching the season three finale of Supernatural in the middle of the day. The car, which I now saw was a black '67 Chevy Impala stopped right where I had been standing. After a moment the doors opened up, and two men stepped out.

'I must be dreaming,' I thought when I saw who had gotten out of the car. 'That's the only explanation for all of this. Sam and Dean Winchester did not just step out of that car.'

"Hey, are you alright?" Dean asked.

"Um," was all I managed to get out.

"Gonna need a bit more than 'um,'" Dean said, clearly trying to hurry this conversation up so he and Sam could get to wherever it was they were going.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine," I finally managed to say.

"Then maybe you could tell me what you're doing out here?" Dean asked.

"I don't know," I replied, standing up.

"What do you mean you don't know?" Dean asked. "What, you hit your head?"

"No, I..." I paused. How do I explain to these guys that their life is a tv show where I'm from? "I don't know because I literally don't know," I finally replied. "One moment I was at my house, the next I was here."

"Where's home?"

"Wouldn't exactly call it home, but it's in California."

"California?" Dean asked. "That's practically on the other side of the country."

"Which is why I don't know what I'm doing here," I huffed.

"Alright look," Sam spoke up. "You're obviously a long way from home."

"You can say that again," I scoffed.

"I'm Sam, and this is my brother Dean," Sam introduced himself and Dean.

"I know who you are," I muttered.

"What?" Dean asked.

"I said I know who you are," I repeated a bit louder.

"You see, Sam?" Dean asked his brother. "She's a demon. Let's stab her before she warns Lilith," he finished while reaching for Ruby's knife.

"I'm not a demon!" I yelled while backing away. "And if you wanna do the tests to prove it then go ahead."

"Then how do you know us?" Dean asked forcefully.

"If I'm correct and I'm assuming I am because you two are standing here in front of me, then this isn't my world." I put up my hand to stop Dean, who was opening his mouth, probably to protest. "Before you say anything, let me continue. Where I'm from, you two are characters on a fictional TV show called Supernatural. To quote the Netflix summary: Siblings Dean and Sam crisscross the country, investigating paranormal activity and picking fights with demons, ghosts, and monsters." I finished with a shrug of my shoulders.

"Prove it," Dean demanded, obviously not buying what I was saying.

"Okay," I replied. "Judging by the length of Sam's hair, this is the season three finale." Sam groaned when I used his hair as a reference. "Dean, you made a deal to bring Sam back when he died at the end of last season, but instead of ten years, you got one. Your mother, Mary, was killed by Azazel at the beginning of the pilot episode which was when Sam was exactly six months old. You can stop me at any time by the way. When you guys and your dad, John, were hit by a truck—"

"Okay, I think you've proved your point," Dean interrupted. "But you could still be a demon. How else would you know all that?"

"Like I said if you wanna do the tests to prove I'm human, go ahead."

"Sammy," Dean started to say to his little brother, who was already making his way to the car to get the holy water and a silver knife.

"Already got it," Sam responded.

One splash of holy water and a silver knife cut later; I was still standing next to the two brothers. Only this time, I was soaking wet, and my arm was bleeding.

"There, see?" I asked. "Human."

"Alright look, it's obvious you don't have anywhere to go," Sam spoke up, "and Dean and I are kinda in a hurry—"

"To kill Lilith," I interrupted.

"Right," Sam confirmed. "So why don't you come with us?"

"Sammy," Dean protested.

"What are we supposed to do, Dean?" Sam argued. "Leave her here by the side of the road?"

"Well she can't come with us, it's too dangerous."

"She's also right here and can hear everything you two are saying," I interrupted. "Look, Dean if you don't want me to come with, that's fine. I wasn't expecting you to let me anyways. I know how dangerous your line of work is. I'll be fine on my own." As I said those words, I secretly hoped Dean would notice my lie and let me go with them.

Dean let out a sigh. "Fine, you can come with but only because I don't want you to stand by the side of the road by yourself. As soon as we kill Lilith, we're sending you on your way."

"Fine with me," I agreed as I walked towards the Impala, trying hard to resist the urge to fangirl at the sight of it.

Dean opened the backseat door for me, and I slid in. Dean got in the driver's seat while Sam got in on the passenger's side and we hit the road.

"I'm Emily by the way," I said, finally introducing myself.

"Nice to meet you, Emily," Sam smiled.

"Ditto," replied Dean.

"Hey, Dean?" Sam asked after a few moments of silent driving.

"Yeah?" Dean asked. I turned my head to look out the window as I listened to their conversation.

"You know if this doesn't uh…" Sam stammered. "This doesn't go the way we want, I want you to know –"

"No. No, no, no, no," Dean interrupted hastily.

"No what?" Sam asked.

Dean looked over at Sam. "No, you're not gonna bust out the misty goodbye speech, okay?" he responded. "And if this is my last day on earth, I do not want it to be socially awkward."

Sam looked out the window while Dean turned back to the road.

"You know what I do want?" The older Winchester asked. He reached down and turned on the radio to where Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive" was playing.

"Bon Jovi?" Sam asked.

"Bon Jovi rocks, on occasion," Dean stated.

Sam looked away, and Dean began to sing along to the song.

"And I walk these streets," the older brother sang loudly, "a loaded six-string on my back. I play for keeps—" Dean stopped singing and nudged Sam.

"Come on," he said.

"Cause I might not make it back," Dean continued singing. "I've been everywhere."

"Oh yeah," Sam joined in.

I couldn't help myself. "And I'm standing tall," I sang from the backseat.

"Woah," Dean sounded surprised. "Someone can sing, and knows good music."

I smiled to myself, not wanting to mention that I didn't know this entire song, only the part that was played in this episode.

Sam laughed, and within seconds we were all singing together.

"I've seen a million faces, and I rocked 'em all." We sang as Dean drove down the road. 'Cause I'm a cowboy on a steel horse I ride. I'm wanted—!"

"WANTED!" Sam sang extra loud.

"Dead or alive!"

At this point, Dean and I had stopped singing, but Sam kept going.

"Dead or alive. Dead or alive. Dead or alive. Dead or alive." Sam stopped singing and looked out the window again.

We drove down a stretch of road until we got to the part where the demon officer stopped us. There was a siren behind us and Dean looked in the rearview mirror. The red, white, and blue lights of a police car flashed over our faces.

"We getting pulled over?" Sam asked.

"I've got a busted tail-light," Dean answered as he pulled the Impala over. "It's not like we're in a hurry or nothing."

Dean rolled down the window, and Sam handed over the license and registration. A police officer got out of the car and walked over to the driver's side, shining a flashlight into the car.

"Problem officer?" Dean asked

"License and registration, please," the officer ordered.

Dean handed over the papers, avoiding eye contact with the officer.

"Do you realize you have a tail-light out, Mr. Hagard?" The officer asked as he studied the papers.

"Yes… ye,s sir," Dean stammered while avoiding eye contact with the officer. "Uh… you know I've been meaning to... take care of that."

Dean turned his head back to the road ahead. "As a matter of fact-" He suddenly opened the door quickly, hitting the officer in the stomach with it. DEAN rushes out the car at him.

"DEAN!" Sam yelled as Dean rushed out of the car at the officer.

Dean punched the office three times in the face and then quickly reached down. Taking a knife from his belt and stabbing the officer with it, who flashed with light. Bobby pulled up behind the police car as Dean dropped the dead demon to the ground.

"What the hell happened?" Bobby asked as he ran up to Sam and Dean. I was still in the car, not sure if this was an excellent time to introduce myself to Bobby Singer.

"Dean just killed a demon," Sam explained. He looked over at Dean. "How'd you know?"

Dean, who was still breathing heavily, looked at Sam, then down at the officer. "I just knew. I could see its face. Its real face under that one."

Sam, Dean, and Bobby hid the car behind some trees.

"So what, now you're seeing demons?" Sam asked.

"I've seen all kinds of things lately but... nothing like this," Dean said.

"Actually, it's not all that crazy," Bobby mentioned.

"How's it not that crazy?" Dean asked.

"Well, you've got, just over five hours to go?" Bobby asked. Dean nodded. "You're piercing the veil, Dean. You're glimpsing the B-side."

"A little less new age-y please," Dean snapped.

"You're almost hell's bitch. So, you can see hell's other bitches," Bobby explained.

Dean looked surprised, then like he'd been mocked. "Thank you."

"Well, actually it could come in pretty handy. And this proves that the girl we met earlier wasn't a demon. You would have seen whatever you saw with the officer."

'Fuck,' I thought to myself. 'Well, this was bound to happen.'

"Oh, well, I'm glad my doomed soul is good for something," Dean scoffed.

"Damn right it is," Bobby snapped. Lilith's probably got demons stashed all over town. We can't let them sound the alarm. She knows we're here, we're dead before we're started. And what girl are you talking about Sam? You boys stop to pick up a hitchhiker during all this?"

"We nearly ran into this girl in the road after she seemed to appear in front of Dean's car," Sam explained. "We did the tests, and she's human, but she knows a lot about us. Says she's from a world where our lives are somehow a tv show."

"And you believed her?"

"I don't know what I believe, Bobby," Dean said. "But she didn't have anywhere to go, and I didn't want to leave her on the side of the road."

"Well, what exactly do you propose we do with her during this?"

"After we kill Lilith, we can send her on her way," Dean explained. "I don't want to get her involved in all of this."

"Well, where is she?" Bobby asked.

Sam walked over to the backseat of the car and opened the door. I cautiously got out and walked over to Dean.

"I don't know what you're playing at, girl," Bobby snapped, "but if you pull any funny business, or if I find out you're not who or what you say you are, I'm ganking ya'. Understand?"

I nodded but couldn't find the words to say anything.

"Can we go, please?" Dean asked before walking back to the Impala.

We drove the rest of the way in silence. When we got there, Sam and Dean figured it was best if I stayed in the car. I didn't argue because I didn't really want to get in the way of this.

"Don't touch anything," Dean ordered before he, Sam, and Bobby headed toward the house.

I watched from the car as the three of them hid in some bushes, and Dean pulled out a pair of binoculars. They hid in the bushes for a bit, formulating a plan to get to Lilith. Eventually, they stood up and crept up to the house. Bobby went into another building to turn the sprinkler system water into some holy water while Sam went around back of a house and Dean went up to where the mailman was. After purposely getting caught, Dean ran around to where Sam was, who stabbed the demon as it turned the corner. They killed the Mr. Roger's looking demon as well, hiding the body. I watched as Dean ran through some trees, coming up by a fence and as Ruby suddenly appeared and shoved him into the wall, holding him there. I couldn't hear what they were saying but I knew Ruby was asking for her knife back and Dean was asking how she got out of the demon trap. Sam came up from behind Ruby, holding the knife to her throat. After a moment, he stopped, and the three of them began to argue, eventually getting so loud that some of the demons started to notice, surrounding them. The two brothers and Ruby broke out into a sprint towards the house where Lilith was. Sam began frantically picking the lock when he reached the door. As soon as the demons chasing them reached the lawn, the sprinklers turned on and burned them. The Winchesters and Ruby ran into the house, and I was left in the Impala. Pulling out my iPhone, I checked the time. It was 11:50 PM, which meant they only had ten minutes to kill Lilith. I knew it wouldn't work though. I wanted so desperately to go in and tell them that Lilith was possessing Ruby's meat suit now, but I didn't want to get in the way. I didn't even know what I should and shouldn't tell them. It could cause a paradox and I've watched enough Doctor Who to know those aren't exactly good.

Ten minutes later, I heard screams as a hellhound began tearing into Dean. Watching this on TV was terrible enough, but listening to it was worse. I started to cry my eyes out, not caring if anyone heard me. A flash of light came from the house as Lilith tried to destroy Sam and I watched through teary eyes as Bobby ran towards the house they were in. After what seemed like ages, Sam and Bobby came out of the house, with the body of Dean. Bobby put the body in the back of his car and stood with Sam outside.

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" Bobby asked. "Bury him, I mean?"

"Dean's gonna need a body when I get him back," Sam sniffled.

"But Pontiac, Illinois? That's a good four almost five-hour drive."

Sam didn't say anything as he got in the Impala and drove off, leaving Bobby and me behind.

"Guess we better follow him," Bobby said. "Come on."

I hopped into the passenger side of Bobby's car, and we followed Sam to the burial site.

Burying Dean was a quiet process, for everyone except Sam. Bobby was focused on digging the hole, I was too afraid to say anything in case Sam was mad at me for not preventing this, and I had just met Dean that night, and Sam was sobbing uncontrollably every time he pushed the shovel into the dirt. After saying a few words, Sam and Bobby lifted Dean into the grave, Bobby only helping Sam when the Winchester's strength faltered.

That was when Sam turned to look at me, standing next to Bobby and the Impala.

"You knew!" The older Winchester brother lifted me into the air and yelled in my face. "You knew this was gonna happen and you didn't say or do anything about it!" Sam was yelling at me through tears now.

"She didn't do anything wrong, Sam!" Bobby yelled as he pulled me out of Sam's grasp.

"Yes, she did!" Sam sobbed. "She knew. She knew this wouldn't work and she didn't tell us."

"You just met her Sam! How could she have possibly known that?"

"She knows everything about us, Bobby!"

"I think you need to go cool off," Bobby said calmly.

Sam glared at me, while I was on the ground trying to get even closer to the Impala than I already was as if contemplating whether or not to come after me again. Finally, with a huff, Sam got in the Impala and drove off, leaving Bobby and me alone.

"You can stay with me for a few days," Bobby said suddenly.

"What?" I asked, not sure if I heard him correctly.

"Sam and Dean said you had nowhere to go," Bobby repeated. "You can stay with me for a bit until you find somewhere else to go."

"Thank you, Bobby," I smiled. The only response I got was a huff. Getting into the passenger side of Bobby's car, we headed to Bobby's house.

As expected, when we got there, Sam was nowhere to be seen. Bobby unlocked the door, and we headed inside. Bobby's house was a little bigger than I was expecting for some reason. Not by much, but it would seem smaller on a tv screen.

"There's a spare bedroom upstairs, second door on the left, you can sleep there for now. You'll have to set the bed up though, and by that I mean get the mattress on it. Don't expect any help though," Bobby instructed as soon as we were inside.

I thanked Bobby one more time and headed towards the room he told me about. About 10 minutes later, I had a mattress and some sheets and pillows on it. It was already morning, but I was exhausted, so I lied down and fell asleep, silently hoping this was all a dream.