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Andy Warhol Exhibit at the Whitney Museum Review

Warning: Contains Spoilers

There has been a lot of buzz around the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Whitney Museum, and the reveal did not disappoint. A few weekends ago, my boyfriend and I went to visit the exhibit. We went on a Friday afternoon, and the museum was just the right amount of crowded, but one can assume it might not be as relaxing on a Saturday or Sunday. I love a good museum date. The Whitney has a great location, right next to the Highline and Standard Biergarten—where you can grab a drink or even some lunch at their restaurant, making it an ideal location for a date or day with a friend. The gallery has several balconies where visitors can step outside and take in the view. Since it was an unusually warm day in February, we decided to have lunch outside at the Standard Biergarten (the burger was amazing). Anyway, I’m getting a little away from the point. The price of adult admission is $25. It runs until March 31. I would recommend getting there before you miss it!

Let me start by saying, I am no art expert, just a girl who loves a good painting and museum visit. The exhibit has already been successful, considering the amount of talk surrounding it and visitors it has received. By the end I felt informed about the life and art of Warhol. His paintings, film, and mixed media pieces are up on display. The gallery told a story about him and how he grew as an artist as time went on. I enjoyed that the art was displayed in chronological order, spanning his whole career from the 1950s to 1980s. Warhol’s earlier works began with commercialized pieces like his famous soup can or paintings of celebrities, which were some of his most tame, but still got some people fired up. He then began to experiment further, by creating paintings by silkscreen technique, making them even further commercialized. These earlier creations are full of color and fun, but not without purpose. You can tell by his creations that Andy Warhol was a man who wanted to be noticed; he sought to stir up a controversy with his paintings of drag queens and trans women. I believe that he had multiple motivations for these controversial works.

His work was unique a type of cultural experiment. He seemed to be looking to get a rise out of people, which everyone knows is how you stir up attention. At one point he proclaims his “retirement” from painting, only to surprise fans with more experimental forms of art. The exhibit ends with the grand finale: An amazing display of color and movement. The top floor of the exhibit is an Instagram-worthy experience, very appropriate for 2019, demonstrating how Warhol was way ahead of his time, which he displayed by experimenting with mixed media and technology, even showing one piece of art that codes itself. It has a great retro 80s feel, one that takes you back. I would highly recommend you check it out.

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Andy Warhol Exhibit at the Whitney Museum Review
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