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Anime Review Format


Here is the format of most of my reviews for your consumption, and the explanation of what they are.

Anime: Series name of the Anime in question.
Genre: The main genres of the anime series.
Age Rating: What ages the content is appropriate for.
Studio: The studio that produced the anime.
Music: The main composer, or composing studio.
Author: The original writer of the series.
Dub/Sub: Whether I watched with dubbed, or subtitles.
Ecchi Level: How gratuitous is the fanservice.
Trigger Warning: Anything in the anime that requires a warning.

Age Rating
Good for All: Fine for all ages.
Teen+: Recommended for people 13 and up, or more mature-minded folk.
Adult+: Due to gratuitous violence and or sexual content, adults only recommended.

Keep in mind, this is based on my personal preference. I have no issues with 13+ kids of my own raising seeing bare anime breasts, so when you look at the rating for consideration of whether your kids should see it as well, also note the Ecchi Level and Trigger Warning at the bottom to see what the sexual content of the anime will be.

Ecchi Level Ratings
Non-Existent: There is nothing ecchi. No panty flashes, no cleavage, nothing.
Conservative: You might see a bra, or the occasional boob-squish.
Otaku: Plenty of almost nude nudity, but nothing shows. But plenty of bounce.
Nosebleed: Tits are shown, but not excessively.
Karube Shrine: Gratuitous amounts of tits and ecchi situations.
Softcore: Practically hentai.


MAIN TOPIC: In this area, I typically write a general rundown of the anime, along with non-spoilerish story elements that might allow people to gauge whether the anime would be good for them or not. It's usually pretty long winded, but I keep it short and sweet below.


TLDR: A place where I sum up all my feelings on the series as a whole into a nice, neat little package.

Ratings: My rating of all of the content I spoke about above, including music, animation, story quality, and the overall experience.
Animation: The quality of the animation in the anime.
Music: How memorable the music was.
Story: How good was the story and characters.
Comedy: How funny were the comedic moments.
Overall Rating: This is a separate grading from the others that determines my overall feelings on the anime. It is not influenced by the ratings above.

Rating Scale - (Only Applies to Overall Rating)

  1. Abomination. I would gouge my eyes out before watching that again.
  2. Sickening. I would watch it if there were a gun to my head.
  3. Garbage. Someone would have to pay me to watch it again.
  4. Bad. I would need to be drunk to watch it again.
  5. Average. I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it.
  6. Above average. I'd have to be in the mood to watch it.
  7. Good. I'd watch it if someone else put it on.
  8. Awesome. I'd rewatch it as soon as my brain has rested.
  9. Amazing. I recommend it to people I know, and rewatch it consistently.
  10. Godly. Whoever made this anime will one day have a worshiper in me.


SPOILER TALK: Anything and everything I couldn't talk about above due to spoilers will be spoken about here. This is solely for the people who have seen the series already, or can live with spoilers if it means a good anime.

BEST GIRL: My favorite female from the series. I'll typically explain why that is. This goes towards any tomboys, females, or anyone who uses the pronoun "she" in the anime.

BEST BRO: My favorite male from the series. This may be someone who may or may not be an actual bro. This counts for all traps, femboys, or anyone who uses the pronoun "he" in the anime.

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Anime Review Format
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