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[Announcement] 100 Days of Stream

I address my self-challenge to 100 consecutive days of streaming, starting in May!

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Good afternoon fellow geeks!  As I move towards the beginning of the biggest streaming challenge I've done yet, I wanted to address what my plans are going forward and into the future of my channel.

In the video above, I detail what my goals are with the channel and what I am planning to do immediately following the conclusion of the 100 day streaming challenge!  

Of course, the content won't simply stop after the one hundred days of streaming are complete.  It's all leading up to the launch of one of the most anticipated games of all time, the long awaited sequel to Destiny!  Once Destiny 2 opens the flood gates to the PC audience for the first time on September 8th, 2017, the channel will launch into a dedicated Destiny 2 stream consisting of leveling classes, raiding and player vs player content!  We will get our first look at what the gameplay of this much anticipated title is like from Bungie come May 18th when the worldwide gameplay reveal takes place. 

Now back to the channel.  During this challenge, I will be streaming 6 days a week, Thursday through Tuesday, while taking Wednesdays off to take care of things outside of streaming, whether it be working for things on the stream, getting food and other essentials, or just simply deprogramming from the long week.  Attempting to complete this challenge without fail will be extremely taxing while also working a full-time schedule outside of the stream.  

Here's what my tentative schedule is looking like at this point:

(All Times are GMT-8 Pacific Time Zone)

Thursday: 9AM-12PM

Friday: 5PM-7PM

Saturday: 5PM-7PM

Sunday: 9AM-11AM

Monday: 9AM-11AM

Tuesday: 9AM-11AM

These times will be subject to change, and these specific times are only to fulfill the minimum requirement that I have set for myself to stream a minimum of 2 hours a day.  There is a good chance that there will be more time streamed than just the minimum, especially if events go on in the games I will be playing.

As for now, the games I'm planning on streaming are as follows:

PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battlegrounds

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Heroes of the Storm


Of course, as other games release or other things catch my interest, these will enter the fray as well.  At the time of writing the article, those are the set titles which I will be looking to stream on a consistent basis.  It appears that it will mostly be Battlegrounds and Hearthstone, with some HotS and Overwatch splashed in as my friends that I typically play with log in and want to play.  

I want to aim to make this as much of a social experience as possible for the viewer, and engage people to join in on the conversation.  With people coming in and chatting, it creates a more interactive experience for not only myself, but the viewer as well.  

Provided things are going well, I am also thinking about doing other things outside of the stream for the viewers to enjoy as well, and community feedback will be crucial to this.  I'm hoping to launch my own podcast to coincide with the stream, and also generate YouTube content to match.  Whether it be highlight reels, simple funny moments in the games, or sponsored content, I want to keep my options open to just about anything that the audience is willing to watch and enjoy alongside me!

At the end of this challenge, I want to see how far I've gone and where I can take it moving forward into the Destiny 2 release.  I hope I see you there!