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Another Top 10 Anime Betrayals

No genre is more cutthroat than anime, but these betrayals will leave you absolutely heartbroken.

The betrayals are BAAAACK! Welcome to WatchMojo and today we are counting down our picks for "Another Top 10 Anime Betrayals."

For this list, we’ve decided to give the meme-generating machine a bonafide sequel, wherein we’ll be looking at the times where anime characters turned on each other in the most unexpected of ways. Get ready for all manner of treacherous spoilers down the line, and we look forward to your inevitable screenshots!

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#10: There Can Be Only One…—“Dragon Ball Super”

From the offset, Frieza looked pretty happy to encounter his Universe 6 counterpart at the Tournament of Power. He even gave him some helpful hints on how to improve his strength. That is, until he casually stabbed him in the back and got his ass booted from the tournament. Turns out that the former space tyrant isn’t so keen on there being more than one of him occupying the same space. We knew Frieza was a devious bastard, but he essentially got his brother from another mother erased without even flinching. Now that’s cold.

#9: Dial M for Mutiny—Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

Ever since our pink-platted gunslinger first entered the virtual world of GGO, she’s had her best online buddy to help through every obstacle. And by that we mean snipe the shit out of other players while she zipped around and tore through the stragglers. However, when it comes to PVP, friendship can only take you so far. While gearing up for their next conflict, M turns on LLENN and fires point blank, all because he’s scared to lose the game in the long run. Someone just got unfriended.

#8: Bloody Shigechi—JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable

While he was certainly given one of the series’ most heart-wrenching send-offs, we can’t exactly forget how much of a tool this kid was during his first appearance. Obviously a little slow in the head and eager to make friends, Shigechi eagerly assisted Josuke and Okyuasu in their scheme to get rich quick thanks to the power of his Stand. Unfortunately, as soon as he gets a whiff of that green, he decides to steal it all for himself, willing to go as far as use Harvest to tear up the eyes of his former friends. Now that we think about it, maybe he did deserve to get blown up…

#7: Akechi’s Murder Face—Persona 5: The Animation

This should come as no surprise to those who played the game, and even those who only watched the anime adaptation could tell there was something shifty about this junior detective early on. Those doubts were fully realized when this temporary member of the Phantom Thieves confronted Ren in an interrogation room. Instead of springing him free, he straight up shot him in the head—revealing himself to be the one responsible for the mental shutdowns. What the hell, Akechi? You don’t just stab a bro in the back like that! You were going to go out for pancakes together!

#6: Kokoro Cucks Futoshi—Darling in the Franxx

Why do you have to do our boy dirty like this?! Okay, so maybe Futoshi was a little overzealous when it came to the niceties. After all, it was pretty obvious he was crushing on the quiet Kokoro from the start. That being said, there’s no denying she totally backhanded him here. After promising to always stand beside him as his partner, she suddenly decided to swap out for Mitsuru because she got a random ladyboner for him. All within the space of the same episode, might we add.

#5: Fear & Loathing on the Espoir—Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Greed can make a monster out of any man, but even by that standard this was a douche move of epic proportions. After managing to devise a strategy that would free them from financial ruin, the trifecta of Kaiji, Andou, and Furuhata were but a single step away from leaving the gambling cruise-liner a little less debt-ridden. All they had to do was buy Kaiji out of an impromptu prison. Turns out Kaiji was a tad too trusting, since his partners in crime decided they would rather keep as much of their newly acquired riches as possible, leaving Kaiji behind glass, stripping him of his dignity and clothes in the process.

#4: Moeka Lays down the Law—Steins;Gate

A femme fatale with a penchant for skin-tight suits and murdering adolescents point blank without battering an eyelid. Bet Okabe wishes he had known that before he started trading emails with this undercover SERN agent. Turns out the mad scientist had been playing around with time travel one too many times, given how it got the attention of a deadly organization with a monopoly on the multiverse, not to mention a slew of enforcers ready to kill on command. Moeka just so happened to be one such enforcer, one who shows zero regard for killing someone as angelic and perfect as Mayuri. You monster!

#3: Ryou Is Literally the Devil—Devilman Crybaby

You think you know a guy. While acting as Akira’s confidant, Ryou drops the biggest bombshell of all when he turns mankind on itself by exposing the existence of demons, and even outs his best buddy Akira as a Demon on national TV. Of course, that’s just scratching the surface; as it turns out, he’s also the Prince of Darkness. So, if you’re keeping track, Ryou essentially was the one responsible for turning Akira into a demon hybrid in the first place, got his waifu killed, doomed all of humanity, and then revealed himself to be Satan in the most nonchalant way possible. Yeah…can kind of see why his bestie might be a bit pissed after all that.

#2: Titans & Traitors—Attack on Titan

Without a doubt, the Armored and Colossal Titans hold a great deal of responsibility for knocking humanity further down the food chain. So imagine our surprise when Big Bro Reiner and Nice Guy Bertholdt were revealed to be the culprits. Exposing their true identities in a moment of madness, the veteran Survey Corps members lash out against their former friends in an act of desperation. Needless to say, Eren was none too happy he had been making nice with his mortal foes, leading to a much-anticipated Titan slugfest!

#1: Garma Gets Char’ed—Mobile Suit Gundam

This is what you get when you mess with the Red Comet. Despite appearing as close friends, Char held no love for the Zabi family due to their hand in the death of his father. As such, he was more than happy to trick the young Zeon Captain into walking right into an Earth Federation trap, resulting in him getting promptly blown out of the sky. Garma may have been something of a royal prick, but even we have to wince at how easily Char misled him right up until the moment of his death. Ironic, considering he would go on to spout this little gem later down the line.

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