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‘Aquaman’ - Trailer Review


Home is calling.

So as we were promised, James Wan and his squad unveiled their first glimpse at Arthur Curry’s solo movie, Aquaman

What did you guys pick up on? Well, here’s what I took from it... 

“You could unite our worlds one day.”

Baby Arthur...N’awww.

It appears Wan chose to go with the classic origin story. This route tells us that his father was a simple lighthouse keeper, his mother was the Queen of Atlantis. Thus, this is how Arthur’s lineage is born.

Fish V Bullies: Dawn of Fishermen

“Let me go!”

So like in the Shazam trailer, the main hero seems to deal with bullying issues in his youth.

But, that doesn’t stop Arthur making his eyes go golden and have all of his fishy friends group together to intimidate the bullies.

It seems that Arthur will be very aware of his aquatic connection from a young age.

“...Permission to Come Aboard”

Time to kick mammal ass.

A Jason Momoa-esque moment as we see him break into a submarine to beat up some... poachers of some sort?

The trailer implies Black Manta is present here, so maybe this is where he learns of Curry’s existence and mounts a plan to track and destroy him? Or dissect him? We’ll have to wait and see. But yeah, this is a cool way to introduce Jason Momoa back to our screens.

Mera asks for help.

“Trust me, I am no King”.

It would seem that Arthur and Mera have had no contact since the events of Justice League. So it must be important for Mera, played by the beautiful Amber Heard, to seek Arthur. 

Mera comes to inform him that his half brother, Orm, who is currently King, is planning to attack the surface world. She prompts him that it is time for him to go to Atlantis and reclaim his birthright. 

We’ve known for a while that Arthur Curry feels he doesn’t really belong anywhere, and so doesn’t see himself as someone fit to be King. It looks like we’ve found the character journey for our Artie.

Our First Look at Orm

Nice hair dye.

Patrick Wilson, taking on the role of Arthur’s half brother, Orm, looks somewhat... well, he looks... I mean it’s... okay he looks RIDICULOUS! 

I truly am pumped for this film but Wilson looks silly. I just hope the character somehow acts badass to make up for this.


Trippy, right?

When James Wan said he really wanted to take his time with the CGI for this film, he meant it! And it looks like it was worth it!

Atlantis looks amazing! Vibrant colours, brilliant use of sea life and agriculture. I assumed it would look like it is in ruins but I’m kind of getting a Shark Tale vibe. WHICH IS A GOOD THING! Amazing work, Mr Wan.

Battle for The throne

Arthur Vs Orm.

It would appear this moment will take place midway through the film, due to the amount of content that has been released about it. This is the moment that Arthur and Orm go head to head for the throne. My guess as to who will win? Orm. We need stakes, and that gives us stakes for the rest of the film.

Hold on, HOW strong is he?

Arthur lifts a submarine.

Okay so this one I’m not buying. The trailer shows Arthur lifting a submarine out of the sea.

This is just Superman Returns all over again. I don’t care how much water makes him strong. Nope. If we’re following through with this, I don’t want the next Justice League (if we get one) to have a moment where Batman can take him on. Don’t you dare after showing this.

Teenage Arthur

Tattoos from a young age, eh?

Very much in the fashion of Man of Steel, Aquaman will display a lot of Curry’s upbringing and teachings in understanding his abilities. It is reported that this scene features Willem Defoe’s Vulko training him, so maybe Arthur is quite in touch with his roots before turning away for whatever reason.

Goodbye Atlanna

This explains a lot.

In Justice League, Arthur appears to hold quite a grudge against the woman who gave birth to him. He claims she abandoned him. This appears to be the moment Nicole Kidman’s Atlanna leaves her son for good.

Now, whether his father has lied to him to spare him an awful truth, or he learns something as he gets older, something sets him on a path to reject his mother as he ages. Something tells me we’re due a tearful explanation.

In Atlantis we ride sharks, yo!

Now THIS is how you ride into battle.

As the Atlanteans ride into battle, it appears they have ditched the seahorse look and gone for sharks! If you’ve got a bad ass Aquaman, it’s only right you bring in a kick ass vehicle aswell.

Black Manta


The film’s villain from the surface, Black Manta, played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, looks the only way he can without looking stupid: straight out of the comic books. 

The character is a treasure hunter, so unless it’s a grudge against Curry, something tells me he’s found interest in Atlantis.

Sand = Water?

I’m as lost as you are.

Arthur and Mera seem to be flying in a plane over a desert-like landscape. What this has to do with a plot? No clue, but I know damn well that they’re going to land on sand. Not water. This needs further investigation.

Though it has it’s flaws, Aquaman is suiting up to be a solid film. Kind of an underwater Black Panther. I’m excited, to say the least. It’s a solid cast, with a solid frontman, and a director who has fought to take his time and create a film that will hopefully flourish due to the wait and time given to add more detail.

Aquaman comes into tide December 21st 2018.