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'Arrow' Actress Katrina Law Is Battling Negativity With Her Daily Celebrations On Instagram

In real life, Law fights another battle — against negativity.

[Credit: The CW]

On Arrow, Katrina Law plays Nyssa al Ghul, a badass assassin who chooses to fight on the side of right ... and, in doing so, helps Oliver Queen take down Prometheus in the Season 5 finale. She also brought down the League of Assassins.

In real life, Law fights another battle — against negativity — choosing to celebrate every day of the year on her Instagram page. Using humor and creativity, Law asks her 308,000 followers what they choose to celebrate each day before sharing how she focuses on what's good in life.

In one of her recent posts, Law reveals how she and her husband were "stranded" in the Dominican Republic with a broken-down rental car, but the actress chose to accentuate the positive:

Today I celebrate being 'stranded' in Punta Cana with the only person I would ever want to be (and enjoy being) stranded there with, @keithandreen. ... My rubber duck has found no water to float on yet, our rental car has broken down twice, and I have been reminded of exactly how terrible my Spanish is. I've seen more of the airport than I have of Punta Cana, but I am with my baby and all is good. ... Everyone has helped us out and have suffered through our broken Spanish to try and figure out how they can help us. What a beautiful country of men an women. Thank you for taking care of us!

Law, who was recently cast as the lead in new series The Oath from Crackle, began this social media project on March 1st and has found something to celebrate, "through even the darkest of days."

Whether it's the fans of Arrow, flowers blooming in the night, or the solitude that she's celebrating, Law's feed is a reminder to change the way we look at the world. Reading her Instagram posts each day proves that there is good in this life if that's what we choose to focus on.

The Oath premieres on Crackle in 2018.

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'Arrow' Actress Katrina Law Is Battling Negativity With Her Daily Celebrations On Instagram
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