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As Voted by the Fans, the Top 5 Blue Precure!

'Precure' or 'Pretty Cure' has been running for 15 years and had 13 teams of heroines fight the forces of evil. This article will look at the top 5 partners to the lead Precures, the Blue Cures, as voted for by the fans.

The first ten Blue Precure

Futari Wa Precure (2004) first aired and introducing the heroines Cure Black and Cure White to the world. Since they first smashed against the forces of darkness, dozens of Precures have been created in following series. One colour that tends to appear on the team is the Blue Cure, who is often the partner to the lead Pink Cure. The Blue Cure is typically calm, mature and intelligent, but there have been a few exceptions to that rule. The fans over at the Precure.Livejournal have been voting again and here are their top five Blue Cures!

5. Siren/Kurokawa Ellen—Cure Beat

Cure Beat appeared in Suite Pretty Cure♪ (2011) and was originally the evil fairy Siren, working to gather the musical notes to complete the "Melody of Sorrow." She hated the fairy ally of the Cures, Hummy, due to her being chosen over Siren to sing the "Melody of Happiness." But this was actually the enemy brainwashing her and amplifying her feelings towards Hummy. Really, she was Hummy's best friend and when her friend was put in danger it caused a miracle to occur, turning Siren into Cure Beat.

Now a hero, she used the Love Guitar Rod to create barriers, fire musical notes and unleash her attack 'Heartful Beat Rock.' But, she found it difficult at first to join Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm. Giving her character believability, she felt guilty over her actions and really did resist the forgiveness and understanding being given to her. When she did finally join the Suite Precure team she was a strong and powerful fighter. Unlike Cure Melody and Rhythm who fought as a close duo, Cure Beat would strike out on her own.

This is one reason why Cure Beat is special. She was firstly a reformed villain, but secondly, she broke the tradition of a calm, collected and intelligent Blue Cure. She was more the muscle behind her team and fought for redemption. She succeeded in her redemption by joining her team in the final fight in Major Land against Noise. During this time all four of the Cures accessed their powerful Cresendo forms and saved both Major Land and the real world. Cure Beat is a special Blue Cure for choosing brawn over brains and is why she was voted by the fans at number five.

Standout Episodes:

  1. Episode 13 - "Mumumu~n! Siren and Hummy's Secret-nya! ♪"
  2. Episode 20 - "Aaaa~♪ Siren's Last Strategy-nya!"
  3. Episode 21 - "Dokkun! Birth of a Miracle Pretty Cure-nya!"
  4. Episode 22 - "Lala-♪ The Soul's Tune, The Name's Cure Beat-nya!"
  5. Episode 28 - "Dokidoki! Ellen's First Experience of School Life-nya!"

4. Aoki Reika—Cure Beauty

The term "brains and beauty" literally apply when discussing about Cure Beauty. Powered by ice, she was the fifth Cure to join the Smile Precure! (2012). She had a close friendship with Midorikawa Nao, who was Cure March on the team. She was the Vice President on the Student Council and by the series conclusion was the President. But when fighting as Cure Beauty she used her intelligence to her advantage and would often be the last member on her team standing.

With her attack, 'Beauty Blizzard,' she would often use it unconventionally but very effectively. One instance was when they team faced an invisible monster, so she fired her attack into the sky to make it snow and revealed where the foe was hiding. She also on one occasion had to win a swimming race in a series of games made by the enemy, which would normally be easy. Not so easy when their is a shark in the pool. So Cure Beauty froze the pool, gave herself a pair of ice skates and skated her way to victory. But what makes Cure Beauty truly cool, is her ability to create weapons from ice.

Her first weapon was an ice sword, but later she tapped into her raw power and created something new, a bow made of ice. This unlocked her a new attack, 'Beauty Blizzard Arrow.' She used her mind to such a powerful level, the enemy did even realise that they would have succeeded if Cure Beauty had never joined the team. That is how powerful she is and proved why learning and thinking is a power that can not be defeated. While many Blue Cures have been the brains behind their team, none have been the most dangerous on their team at the same time. This is why the fans voted her to number four.

Standout Episodes:

  1. Episode 5 - "A Beautiful Heart! Cure Beauty!"
  2. Episode 16 - "Reika's troubles! Why do I study!?"
  3. Episode 29 - "The Pretty Cure are su~cked into a game!?"
  4. Episode 37 - "Reika's worry! A noble heart and a noble vote!"
  5. Episode 43 - "Reika's Path! I will go abroad for studies!"

3. Shirayuki Hime—Cure Princess

In a twist, Cure Princess was actually a princess. Himelda Window Cure Queen of the Blue Sky was the one who opened up a forbidden box, Axia, and unleashed the Phantom Empire on the Earth. Being weak as Cure Princess, she was tasked by Blue to find a friend who would become her partner. Aino Megumi was the one lucky enough to befriend Hime and became Cure Lovely. Now with someone to fight with, Cure Princess fought to undo what she had unleashed on the world.

With her initial attack, 'Blue Happy Shoot,' Cure Princess fought harder and trained. But she couldn't make ground with Cure Fortune, who operated separately from Cure Lovely and Cure Princess. HappinessCharge Pretty Cure! (2014) had a special theme behind it, where the girl used cards to change into new forms. This gave Cure Princess access to two additional forms and attacks.

The first was the Sherbet Ballet style and an all freezing attack 'Blizzard En Tournant,' which contrasted the fire salsa style Cure Lovely received. The second gave her the Macadamia Hula Dance outfit with the attack 'Hawaiian Alohaloe' that made her foes dance into a relaxed mood. Still getting stronger, Cure Fortune refused to even consider working with Cure Princess. This was due to her sister, Cure Tender, being defeated by the Precure Hunter and imprisoned, and she blamed Cure Princess due to her opening Axia. Cure Fortune did forgive Cure Princess, when Cure Princess gave her all her Precards, which allowed Cure Fortune to have a single wish granted. Now as a unified team, they unlocked their innocent form.

With her more powerful form and attack, 'Windy Wink,' Cure Princess was finally proving she was worthy of being a Precure. So much so, she managed to save her kingdom with the aid of her team and then headed into space with them to defeat the true enemy, Red. While she was not a stereotype Blue Precure, who would be intelligent and strong, she was more into fashion and a bit of a ditz. This is why fans voted for her, she set herself apart from the other Blue Cures and earn the third place in the top five list.

Standout Episodes:

  1. Episode 4 - "The Transfer Student is a Princess! The Great 'Help Hime Make Some Friends' Operation!"
  2. Episode 15 - "I Want to See My Mother! Hime Returns to the Blue Sky Kingdom!"
  3. Episode 21 - "Hime's Past Mistakes! Cure Fortune's Anger!"
  4. Episode 27 - "The Worrying Hime! The Pretty Cure Team in Danger of Disbanding!?"
  5. Episode 34 - "Hime's Big Success!? Let's Get Fired Up! The First Culture Festival"

2. Kaido Minami—Cure Mermaid

The Princess of the Sea, Cure Mermaid appeared in Go! Princess Precure (2015). She was the partner of Cure Flora and was an elegant and graceful fighter. As Minami, she was dubbed "The Princess of Noble Academy" due to her highly respectful and mature attitude. She was a ballerina and inspired Haruka, Cure Flora, to take up ballet also. In battle the pair were a powerful duo, which turned trio when Cure Twinkle joined them.

With her first elegant mode and attack, 'Mermaid Ripple,' she would send a torrent of water towards her target. But, like her comrades, she had three other Dress Up Keys to find, that would grant her more power. The first two she gained were the Ice Dress Up Key, which granted her the attack 'Ice Ripple,' and her second was the Bubble Dress Up Key, which gave her the attack 'Bubble Ripple.' Both of these attack did not have an elegant mode when Cure Mermaid used them, but they did require her to use her Princess Rod to activate them.

Cure Mermaid was a strong fighter with a powerful sense of justice, especially when it came to the oceans. One of her childhood best friends is a dolphin that saved her from drowning as a child. Known as Tina, the dolphin joined Cure Mermaid on a couple of occasions and was the cause behind Cure Mermaid gaining the Bubble Dress Up Key, when it took a hit from an enemy saving Cure Mermaid. But her true power came from her fourth and final Dress Up Key which represented Coral and unleashed her attack 'Precure Coral Maelstorm.'

She and her fellow Cures succeeded in defeating Dyspear's forces and freed Hope Kingdom for despair and kept Dyspear from gaining a foothold in their own world. Originally Minami was set to inherit her parents thriving business, with her older brother. But, during the show she realised her strong passion and love for the ocean, which caused her to change her future dream. With courage she told her family she wanted to study the ocean further and become a marine biologist, which they accepted much to her relief. He progression in her personal story, grace, elegance and power are reasons why fans voted this princess to second place.

Standout Episodes:

  1. Episode 2 - "The Academy's Princess! Cure Mermaid Appears!"
  2. Episode 16 - "The Oath to the Sea! Minami's Most Important Treasure!"
  3. Episode 32 - "Minami's Fiancé!? The Super Celeb Makes a Come Back!"
  4. Episode 44 - "The Raging Feelings! Minami's Real Feelings!"
  5. Episode 45 - "Feeling I Want to See! To the Ocean of Minami's Dream!"

1. Kurumi Erika—Cure Marine

The first Blue Cure to break all the rules, Cure Marine appeared in Heartcatch Precure! (2010). Unlike the majority of Blue Cures, Erika is far from reserved and is more likely to be watching a fashion show than studying hard for school. She contrasted her partner, Cure Blossom, who was timid, quiet and reserved. But this was what Cure Blossom needed. She needed a partner that wouldn't just encourage her out of her shell, but force her out of it.

With her attack, 'Blue Forte Wave,' she heads first into a fight and will literally use any part of herself in a fight. She has used both her butt and head to impact an enemy, showing that while she is not your typical intelligent Blue Cure, she is resourceful. Her ultimate proof that she was not a stereotype Blue Cure was when she left all her summer homework to complete on the last day of the summer holidays. This actually had a detrimental effect on her, and sapped her powers when the panic set in. But with encouragement from her partner she managed to push through.

But despite her confidence, the team were short of power against the Dessert Appostiles and Dark Precure. This caused them to seek out more power by going through a test to obtain the power from the Heartcatch Mirage. She succeed in passing her ultimate test against herself, which allowed her to gain access to her Super Silhouette form, and their new group attack 'Heartcatch Orchestra.'

Cure Marine joined her team in heading to space when Dune successfully turned all the Earth into a desert. Each Cure was set for a final battle and Cure Marine faced off against Kumojaki, who used brute and power in his style. Cure Marine proved to be a match for him, matching his power and strength. But when Kumojaki threatened her fairy partner, Coffret, it caused Cure Marine to tap into a new level of power by having Coffret on her head during the fight. This allowed her to purify Kumojaki once and for all, before heading into the final battle against Dune with the rest of her team.

To finally defeat Dune, Cure Marine and the others became one as the 'Mugen Silhouette.' With Dune defeated and the Earth saved, Erika especially took pride in her achievement and would make the other stand on top of a hill every day for six months and announce how they had saved the world. This is why fans have voted her into first place. She is loud, overconfident and more willing to slack off than study, but she is extremely powerful and created something new when it came to Blue Cures and has never had much competition when it comes to her personal style.

Standout Episodes:

  1. Episode 3 - "The Second Pretty Cure is Full of Motivation!"
  2. Episode 8 - "Sigh of a Charismatic Model! But Why?"
  3. Episode 28 - "Sabaku's Greatest Plan! We Won't Finish our Summer Break Homework!"
  4. Episode 39 - "Erika in a Pinch! Marine Tact Has Been Stolen!"
  5. Episode 46 - "Kumojacky! Cobraja! We Won't Forget About You!"

Do you agree with the fans? Is there a Blue Cure you love that has not made the list?

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As Voted by the Fans, the Top 5 Blue Precure!
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