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As Voted by the Fans, the Top 5 Red and Green Precure!

Two colours that may or may not be on the team of heroines in Precure are Red and Green. Combining these two colours of heroes, the fans have now voted for their top five.

Ever since the series Yes! Precure 5, you can guarantee that every year when the newest Precures arrive, there will always be a Pink, Blue, and Yellow Cure on the team. The other Cures (which are often only one or two other members) on the team are often Red, Green, Purple or White in colour. The Red and Green Cures have been grouped together in this top five vote, as they tend to be direct, sporty, and powerful. But like all colours in the Precure rainbow, there are some who break these stereotypes. Let us now look at which heroines have made the list.

5. Midorikawa Nao-Cure March

Smile Precure! (2012) was the second team to sport the rare Green Cure.  She comes from a large family and is the eldest sister to five younger siblings, with a sixth being born towards the end of the season. She is childhood friends with her fellow Cure Beauty, Aoki Reika, who admires Nao's love for her large family. But as Cure March, she is powered by the wind and charges directly into battle. She is so fast that she can actually run up walls.

Her attack "Precure March Shoot" sees her use her soccer skills to kick a ball of high pressure air at her target. As she got stronger she learned to kick multiple balls in quick succession, to create a mighty barrage for the enemy to deal with. But like any good character, Cure March had fears that she hid by her confident personality. She had a fear of both bugs and ghosts, which her comrades did not expect. But her biggest fear was losing her siblings, and during her final showdown against Majorina she nearly lost her siblings in the fight. However, when her siblings were put in mortal danger, it caused Cure March to stand up and unlock her ultimate attack.

With her new attack "Precure March Shoot Impact," she took out an evil counterpart of herself, which was faster than Cure March and extremely ruthless. She then successfully ended the threat from Pierrot and his Bad End Kingdom, saving the world and for Noa that was her family. With her rare colour and strong personality you can see why fans voted her at number five and we can be sure her family would be proud of her for that.

Standout Episodes: 

  1. Episode 04 - "A Clear-Cut Match! Cure March of the Winds!!"
  2. Episode 11 - "The Pretty Cures Have Shrunk!?"
  3. Episode 18 - "Nao's Feelings! Everyone's Bonds Connected by a Baton!!"
  4. Episode 38 - "Hustling Nao! The Pretty Cures Become Kids!?"
  5. Episode 42 - "Protect It! Nao's Precious Bonds with Family!!"

4. Akimoto Komachi-Cure Mint

The original Green Cure, Cure Mint, first appeared in Yes! Precure 5 (2007). She was quiet and reserved, but had a love for stories and dreams of being a great author one day. She is best friends with her teammate Cure Aqua, Minazuki Karen, with the pair acting as a team often. Unlike many Cures, Cure Mint is all about defense with her attack "Mint Shield" that can stop nearly any attack.

With a close bond to the fairy partner Nuts, she began to come out of her shell more and opened up about her inner desires and dreams. This drove her to begin writing her first novel, with Nuts ready to be the first to read it and give her feedback. With her team she defeated the organisation Nightmare, saving Nuts home. This resulted in a tearful goodbye, but it did not last long. Yes! Precure 5 was one of two Precure series to get a sequel series with Yes! Precure 5 GoGo (2008).

Now powered by the combined Green Butterfly and Red Rose, Cure Mint earned a new look and joined her team in fighting against the new evil of Eternal. With their new powers and looks came new attacks for each of the team. Cure Mint retained a defense-based attack, but this time with a twist. She now could create a shield and throw it as a projectile at the enemy through her attack "Precure Emerald Saucer."

She continued to practise her writing and was hurt when Nuts was overly critical of her first draft. But this caused her to look inwards and see a strength born from taking criticism and using it to get stronger. While her and Nuts never landed an intimate moment, the chemistry between the pair was clear for all to see. With the combined powers of the Red and Blue Roses, the team stopped Eternal and saved the world a second time. With her being the original, no other Green Cures have held her calm and quiet composure, proving you do not need to shout to stand out in the group.

Standout Episodes:

  • Episode 04 - "Cure Mint of Tranquility!"
  • Episode 16 - "Komachi Gives Up on Being a Novelist!?"
  • Episode 28 - "An Account of Komachi's Summer Festival Efforts"
  • Episode 35 - "Natts' Key and Komachi's Heart"
  • Episode 43 - "Komachi's Decision and Nuts' Future"

3. Hino Akane-Cure Sunny

Another Cure from Smile Precure!, Cure Sunny burns as strong as the sun and is full of courage. Hino Akane is a star on the school volleyball team and aims to make people laugh with her humour. She quickly became friends with the newest student at school, Hoshizora Miyuki, who was the team leader Cure Happy. She was the second Cure to be awoken in the season and came in with some pure strength and power.

Channelling both her amazing fire power and volley ball skills, she unleashes her attack "Precure Sunny Fire," which she launches at her target. She is also extremely strong, capable of lifting massive weight above her head and throwing it. All her strength and determination translates into her personal life, as she is a hard and dedicated worker in her family's okonomiyaki restaurant. She also found the first hints of love in the season, when she found herself attracted to the British exchange student Brian. But when the evil Wolfrun made Cure Sunny his target to defeat he helped her tap into her true powers.

Burning like the sun, Cure Sunny gained new strength and the attack "Precure Sunny Fire Burning," which could incinerate her target. With her new power, she faced off against an evil version of herself, who was determined to be the only Cure Sunny. Cure Sunny never gave up and succeeded in defeating her counterpart and end the forces of Bad End Kingdom with her team. Akane was dubbed "hot-blooded," and with all her passion and drive, it is easy to see why and what made the fans vote her into third place.

Standout Episodes:

  • Episode 02 - "Burn Up! It's Hot-Blooded Cure Sunny!!"
  • Episode 10 - "Hot-Blooded! Akane's Okonomiyaki Life!!"
  • Episode 17 - "Hot-Blooded! Akane's Comedian Life!!"
  • Episode 36 - "Hot-Blooded!? Akane's First Love Life"
  • Episode 40 - "Hot-Blooded! Akane's Search of Treasure Life!!"

2. Eas/Higashi Setsuna-Cure Passion

Fresh Pretty Cure! (2009) gave fans the first villain turned hero through Eas/Setsuna. Working for Labyrinth, she infiltrated the team and became close friends with the Cures. Unable to find a way to bring the team down, she was given a card by her boss that would enable her to strengthen her Nakewameke, but at a cost. A vine would slowly climb up her body and inflict great pain on her while the monster existed, but this would increase the monster's power and rage.

Despite the excruciating pain, she remained loyal to Labyrinth, even when told her life span was going to end. With this information she had one final battle against Cure Peach, and the pair fought to get their feelings through to each other. At the battles conclusion, the Cures and Eas thought the fight was over and they could now be true friends, but Eas suddenly died. This allowed the Red Linkrun to join with her and she was reborn as Cure Passion. Free from Labyrinth, she was now Setsuna and lived with Cure Peach's family.

Now fighting on the side of good, Cure Passion joined the team and purified evil using the Passion Harp and her attack "Precure Happiness Hurricane." Along with her speed and strength, she added an ability not used by any other Precure, the ability to teleport. She used this ability to aid her team and help protect her new home from Labyrinth's plan. But it was instrumental in the team getting to the world of Labyrinth for their final battle to end the evil threat once and for all. Being the original bad girl turned good, Cure Passion holds one of the largest fan followings from the franchise and is no surprise to having been voted in second place.

Standout Episodes:

  • Episode 07 - "Setsuna and Love, the Clover of Friendship!"
  • Episode 19 - "The New Card! Eas's New Power!!"
  • Episode 23 - "Eas's Final Moment! Cure Passion Is Born!!"
  • Episode 25 - "Eas vs. Passion!? I Am Reborn!!"
  • Episode 40 - "Setsuna and Love: Mom Is in Danger!"

1. Twilight/Akagi Towa-Cure Scarlet

Go! Princess Pretty Cure (2015) introduced Princess Hope Delight Towa, the young princess of Hope Kingdom who vanished as a child. She was kidnapped by Dyspear and raised as her daughter, now renamed Twilight. Working for her mother, she was on a mission to destroy hope and the Princess Precure. When she discovered a fourth Princess Perfume and set of Dress Up Keys, Twilight used them to turn into an evil Precure.

In this form, she faced the Princess Precure in a final battle and aimed to destroy them. However, her brother who had been aiding the Cures managed to break Dyspear's spell on Twilight. Now free from Dyspear's control, but she had few memories of her real life and enrolled at the Nobel Academy to come to terms with what had happened to her. One thing she did decide was to join the Go Princess team and fight against her evil step mother and ensure no one else fell to despair.

Using her brother's violin and her Phoenix Dress Up Key, Cure Scarlet unleashed her first attack, "Precure Phoenix Blaze." Calling forth the power of the phoenix made her a powerful force on her team. Her Hanabi Dress Up Key granted her two abilities. The first was to shoot a flame thrower at her target, "Precure Scarlet Spark." But the second ability granted her a defensive shield.

With a strong attack and now a defensive power, "Precure Scarlet Illusion," she started feeling like she was making a difference. She often turned to her room mate, Cure Twinkle, for advice and the pair formed a strong partnership on and off the battlefield. So much so, that Cure Scarlet used her Scarlet Dress Up Key to unlock the attack "Precure Scarlet Flame," which formed fire around a barrage of stars created by Cure Twinkle to create a meteor shower. Her true power came when she activated her Sun Dress Up Key, using the Music Princess Palace with it.

With her attack "Precure Scarlet Prominence," she created a small sun and fired its full power at the enemy. With this power she went into the final battle against Dyspear and her evil forces and freed her home Kingdom and was reunited with her parents. Successfully ending the threat from her kidnapper and being reunited with her true family gave this heroine a fully rounded story and fans loved it. While she is not the first Cure to come from evil roots, fans love Towa for her past being tragic and turned to happiness by the end of the season. making the fans put her at the top of this list.

Standout Episodes: 

  • Episode 13 - "A Cold Timbre... The Black Princess Appears!"
  • Episode 21 - "Deliver the Feelings! Princess vs. Princess"
  • Episode 22 - "Flames of Hope! Her Name Is Cure Scarlet!!"
  • Episode 35 - "Meeting at Last... Kanata and the Lost Memory!"
  • Episode 40 - "Towa's Resolution! The Rainbow of Hope That Shines in the Sky!"

Do you agree with this list? Is there a Red or Green Cure you love that did not make the list?

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As Voted by the Fans, the Top 5 Red and Green Precure!
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