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As Voted by the Fans, the Top 5 Yellow Precure!

The Yellow Cure is often the reserved observer within the group, who has keen insights to her team and speaks from a place of innocence. The fans have been voting, again, and here are the top 5 Yellow Precure.

The First Ten Yellow Precures

When Cure Black and Cure White first burst onto screens creating the legacy of Precure, they created a magical franchise of young women taking magical powers and save the world. Dozens of Precures have now been created and the fans at the Precure.livejournal have been voting once again, this time for their top five Yellow Cures, who are often younger, innocent and the conscience of their team. Some have broken these rules while others have embraced them. With that in mind, let us look at the top five Yellow Cures. 

05. Omori Yuko-Cure Honey

Cure Honey appeared in 'Happinesscharge Precure!' (2014) and is unique, not just within the Yellow Cures but compared to all Cures. The first big difference in her compared to many past Cures, is how she never reveals how she became Cure Honey. Fans have always seen how the young women have gotten her Cure Powers, or given a backstory as to how she got her powers. Cure Honey kept hers secret and makes her the first Cure mystery. The second aspect making her special is her personal weapon, the Triple Dance Honey Baton. Other Cures have had weapons, but tend to call on them when needed, unlike Cure Honey who is always ready with her baton in hand.

The baton has multiple uses, as a microphone, snare, healing wand and can allow her the ability to teleport. It is also the key to her personal attack, 'Sparkling Baton Attack', which is pretty devastating as she summons a giant clover from space that plummets at her targets. Along with her team mates, she also got access to two other forms which granted her new powers. The first was the 'Popcorn Cheer' form, with the attack 'Ribbon Heart Explosion'. The second was the 'Coconut Samba' form which came with the attack 'Maracas Rhythm Spark'.

Along with her being a pretty strong fighter with a diverse range of uses to her team, she is much more outgoing than the majority of the Yellow Cures. She is not afraid to speak up, in contrast to her predecessors who would either be shy or reserved. She also has a massive love of sweets and often carries around homemade sweets of her own secret recipe. What was surprising was how she was the one on her team to make a connection with the evil Precure Hunter and believed in him. All of these aspects of her allowed her to unlock her 'Innocent Form' and new attack 'Honey Temptation'.

With her new strength and power, she joined her team in a mission to end Queen Mirage's plans and stop her forces. This was when the Precure Hunter targeted Cure Honey, and she nearly did lose and become imprisoned by him. Her team arrived, saving her, and together they purified him, revealing he was one of Blue's fairies who had become corrupted. Fans have voted for her because of how she is different to the other Yellow Cures. Sometimes the Yellow Cure can be overlooked to the louder and more confident Cures in their teams. But Cure Honey makes it clear that she will not just make a buzz, but get stuck in and speak her mind. 

Standout Episodes:

  • Episode 10 - "The Singing Pretty Cure! Cure Honey Appears!!"
  • Episode 11 - "The Mysterious Message! Cure Honey's Secret!!"
  • Episode 28 - "The Mysterious Message! Cure Honey's Secret!!"
  • Episode 31 - "An Unexpected Partnership!? Cure Honey and Phantom!"
  • Episode 41 - "For Mirage Sake! Phantom's Last Battle!"

04. Kise Yayoi-Cure Peace

Speaking of shyer Cures, Cure Peace from Smile Precure! (2012) was a nervous character. This was due to her tendency to get emotional quickly, and has been teased growing up as a 'crybaby'. But really she does want to make a change, not just to herself but for the world. This gives her to courage to become Cure Peace, who uses the power of electricity. Her transformation sequence was special among Precure, as each time she transformed she played rock, paper, scissors with the viewers. 

Her attack 'Precure Peace Thunder' actually shocks her when she summons the power, but she channels that into a powerful stream of electricity to purify evil. She has some amazing episodes in the show, as she has grown up from a young age with just her mother. She reflects often over her single parent upbringing and is saddened in one episode when she can not remember anything about her father for a school assignment. But, with the belief her friends have in her and her artistry, she begins to grow.

Like all her team, she unlocked an ultimate power hidden within her. Her new and powerful attack, 'Precure Peace Thunder Hurricane', made her a powerful Cure, regardless of colour. With this power she went with her team to end the evil of the Bad End Kingdom and save the world. Fans have voted for her due to how she is your typical quiet and reserved Yellow Cure, but she has a little something extra the others do not. Her status as a crybaby and being overemotional won fans heart as this vulnerable heroine became stronger over the course of the show. 

Standout Episodes:

  • Episode 3 - "Rock, Paper, Scissors♪ It's Cure Peace!!"
  • Episode 9 - "It can't be~! Yayoi is changing schools!?"
  • Episode 19 - "Thank you Papa! Yayoi's treasure"
  • Episode 35 - "Yayoi, Protect the Earth! A Pretty Cure Became a Robot!?"
  • Episode 41 - "Me, a comic artist!? Yayoi's illustrated future dreams!!"

03. Myoudouin Itsuki-Cure Sunshine

Itsuki, from Heartcatch Precure! (2010), is the President of the Student Council and is a highly proficient martial artist. Often mistaken as a boy, she has lots of admirers, but gives herself away due to her love of anything cute. She found her ultimate "cuteness" through the baby fairy Potpourri and joined forced with him to become the heroine Cure Sunshine. Bringing new powers, strength, and defence to the team, she was instantly a strong Yellow Cure. 

Using the Shiny Tamborine she could create a dazzling attack, 'Golden Forte Burts', that would envelope her target and purify them. She could also create defensive barriers for protection which could even redirect an enemies attack back at them. She is quite mature and confident, in contrast to many Yellow Cures, and this gives her an edge in battle. But this does backfire on her at time, especially when she scolded Potpourri who was not happy when she had to return to school after the summer break. 

But she never fails to support her friends in the fight against the Desert Apostles and faces against Kobaraja in a final battle. This was a fight between a hero that was naturally beautiful against a villain that aimed to be the most beautiful. With Cure Sunshine having inner-beauty, she showed Kobaraja that it is not just about appearances and purified him in her light. Fans love a Cure that breaks away from the norm, and Cure Sunshine gives them everything you do not expect from a Yellow Cure. 

Standout Episodes:

  • Episode 22 - "Finally Found! The Third Pretty Cure!"
  • Episode 23 - "Cure Sunshine is Born!"
  • Episode 25 - "Let's Go to the Beach! Itsuki's Lighthearted Summer Camp!"
  • Episode 30 - "Potpourri Runs Away! Itsuki is Upset!"
  • Episode 46 - "Kumojacky! Cobraja! We Won't Forget About You!"

02. Kagayaki Homare-Cure Étoile

The Yellow Cure of the 15th anniversary series, HUGtto! Pretty Cure (2018), Cure Étoile is powered by the stars. A rising ice skater, Homare is perceived by others as someone not to approach. But, her true personality is soon revealed by her comrades Cure Yell and Cure Ange. With a tender and caring heart accompanied by a driven heart pushes Cure Étoile to never give up and continue trying. 

Her initial attack, 'Heart Star', acts like a whip that she can use to trap the enemy and allow Cure Yell to make the finishing strike. But it is her childhood ice skating partner that nearly ends her time as a Precure. He believed she was misdirecting her focus away from ice skating, but he soon discovered what she has been doing and starts to support her as both an ice skater and Precure. This new support spurred her on to try even harder in her ice skating and master her fear of injuring herself through a bad landing. Fighting on with her team, she gained access to her Melody Swords, granting her a new power. 

Now with an offensive power, she was set to fight harder and work harder than ever before. But, her life got interesting when she discovered her feelings for their fairy mascot, Harry, and she did confess her feelings to him. He had to break her heart due to his feelings for another, but her friends were there to help her through this difficult time. Her story has not finished yet and Cure Étoile is sure to fight to the end, like she has for the last year. She has clearly done something right, as fans love her so much that she is placed as the second best Yellow Cure. 

Standout Episodes:

  • Episode 5 - "Dance In The Sky! Hooray Hooray! Cure Étoile!"
  • Episode 16 - "Everyone's Idol!? Master Homare's Troubles"
  • Episode 25 - "The Summer Festival, Fireworks and Harry's Secret"
  • Episode 32 - "Is This Magic? Homare Is A Mermaid Princess!"
  • Episode 43 - "Shining Star of One's Love. Homare's Start."

01. Amanogawa Kirara-Cure Twinkle

The Princess of the Stars, Cure Twinkle, appeared in Go! Princess Precure (2015) and was far from shy and reserved. Her mother is a world famous model, and Kirara wants to literally follow in her mother's footsteps. This results in her being  constantly busy with bookings for photoshoots and runway shows. She was so busy she initially rejected the chance of being a Precure due to her model commitments and school work. But, she was soon won over by Cure Flora and Cure Mermaid and joined them as Cure Twinkle. With her elegant mode she accesses her first attack, 'Precure Twinkle Humming' where she throws a giant star at her target.

She is a powerful and resourceful fighter, which breaks away from past Yellow Cures that take a more defensive or healing position on their teams. She later gains two addition Dress-Up Keys, the Luna and Shooting Star keys. The Luna key grants her the attack 'Precure Luna Humming' which creates shields for her to call on, but she isn't adverse to throwing those shields at her enemy if needed. The second key gave her the attack 'Precure Meteor Humming'.

With shields and more fire power to throw at the forces from Dyspear, Cure Twinkle truly shined on her team. But, she never forgot her modelling career, even fulfilling her childhood dreams of being in a runway show with her mother. She also broke tradition, when the fourth Cure on the team, Cure Scarlet, formed a close friendship with Cure Twinkle. Typically this relationship goes to the Pink Cure on the team, but Kirara's personality is hard to rival. Never failing to show her power, she unlocked her ultimate power through her final Dress Up Key, the Galaxy Key. 

Her final attack, 'Precure Galaxy Chorus', is one that is hard to match in terms of power. I mean she throws a galaxy of stars at her enemy, which is an epic amount of power to use. Proving herself again and again she completes her training, with her team, and they are crowned the Grand Princesses. This allows them to dispel Dyspear and her evil from the world. With her strong drive, natural charisma and confidence, it makes her a Yellow Cure unlike any other. The fans love her and it isn't difficult to see why. 

Standout Episodes:

  • Episode 04 - "Sparkling Kirara is Cure Twinkle?"
  • Episode 12 - "Kirara and Idol! Ho~t Donuts Battle!"
  • Episode 17 - "Too Bright! Kirara's Dream on the Runway!"
  • Episode 24 - "A Stiff Smile? A Princess for a Roommate!"
  • Episode 42 - "Dreams or Pretty Cure!? Sparking Kirara's Chosen Path!"

Do you agree with the fans or do you have a different top five? Is there a Yellow Cure you love that did not make the list?

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As Voted by the Fans, the Top 5 Yellow Precure!
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