Abdullah Masood

Hi I'm a young doctor looking to write on stuff I find interesting and fun so hello and enjoy!

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The Batman Film We Deserved
7 days ago
With the coming of the new Batman Versus Superman Dawn of Justice movie, I thought that a review of all Batman's was required. Note that I do not go into animated series here, because then Kevin Conro...
5 Holmesian-Style Shows to Get You By While You Wait for 'Sherlock'
9 days ago
We all love the sleuth from 221 B Baker Street. The legend of Sherlock Holmes has inspired and enthralled the masses for generations. His remarkably astute deductions from the most obscure of observat...
Men Of Steel: The Top 5 Live Action Supermen
9 days ago
With the return of Superman to the little screen in the form of Tyler Hoechlin on Supergirl and Henry Cavill as the big blue wonder on the big screen, I thought it would be prudent to do a roundup of ...
5 Cancelled Shows That Need to Be Restarted Via Netflix
9 days ago
This is the golden age of television. No doubt about it. But in this age of amazing t.v shows like Game of Thrones, Agents of Shield, House of Cards etc there are also lesser t.v shows that have been ...
The Man In the Iron Mask Revealed
9 days ago
Ever since the identity of zoom was revealed and the sojourn into Earth two, people have been talking and discussing the man in the Iron Mask. However unlike the normal people speculation I believe to...
What's Next For 'Game Of Thrones?'
9 days ago
*Note: major possible spoilers and definite spoilers ahead* Jon Snow's return to GOT has put the television world into a frenzy. Not only has it been the most anticipated non-death I'm the series, he ...