Ada Zuba

Hello! I am 24 years old and I have two older sisters. I love to write and finding new hobbies! my aspirations are to become a writer as well as finding a job that I look forward to everyday! I love spending time with my little chihuahua!

Things You Didn't Notice in 'Shrek'
18 days ago
Shrek is probably one of the most popular Dreamworks films ever made. However, in the movie there are many things it is making fun of and here is the list. The movie Shrek is most certainly making fun...
Disney's Top Ten Fun Characters
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There are many main characters that little boys and girls look up to, but what about the characters that make the movie fun?
Unsung Disney Heroes
20 days ago
That's right, not every prince was the hero. Let's dive into the list of the unsung heroes.
Top Ten Marvel Heroes
22 days ago
This is my own personal list of which characters are the best superheroes from the Marvel comics.
Pixar's Best Villains
a month ago
This is how I would personally rank the Disney Pixar Villains: