Adam Wallace

I have been writing video game reviews for the past three years for two different websites, but I wanted an outlet for other game- and movie-related articles.  So I came here.  Enjoy and find me on Twitter! @tenchu3379
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'An American Christmas Carol' - Can Fonzie Be Scrooge?
16 days ago
Hello, and welcome back to Second Chances where I give another look at the maligned and forgotten. Every Christmas, just about every TV channel airs a rendition of Charles Dickens' most popular work A...
'Son in Law': Giving Thanks with the Weasel
a month ago
Hello, and welcome back to Second Chances where I give the maligned and forgotten another shot. Okay, I'm about to do something so heinous and nonsensical that I think it warrants the death penalty in...
Sweeney Todd: (Tim Burton + Johnny Depp) - Quirkiness
3 months ago
Hello, and welcome back to Second Chances, the column where I take another look at a maligned or forgotten piece of pop culture. People have come to expect certain things whenever Johnny Depp and Tim ...
Defending Joel Schumacher
4 months ago
Hello, and welcome to another installment of Silver Linings, the column where I find the positive aspects of the most maligned things in pop culture. Most moviegoers only pay attention to the people a...