Alex Hodgson

I'm a massive superhero fan who loves to put my thoughts down in writing. Spider-Man is my favourite, but I'm also a lover of the Arrowverse. Follow me on twitter @AlexJHodgson

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5 Suits Spider-Man Could Wear in the MCU
a year ago
We all know by now that Spidey is finally coming home to the MCU (if you don't, seriously, where have you been?!). What we don't know is what his suit will look like. Marvel have been very secretive a...
Has DC Made a Mistake by Recasting Arrow and the Flash for Their Movies?
a year ago
By now, we all know that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is coming. Although we've only seen a trailer so far, we can safely say that it will do well at the box office. We also know that it will in...
Magical Marvel Moments that Made Phase 1 of the MCU a Massive Success
a year ago
In 2008, Marvel Studios took one of the biggest gambles in film history. With the release of Iron Man they began to create the Marvel Cinematic Universe - a series of films which share the same world ...
Jarvis or JARVIS — Which Do You Prefer?
a year ago
Ever since the dawn of time, comparisons have been made between things, and this post is no different. In the MCU there are two different entities which are synonymous with each other - Howard Stark's...
You Could Be the Next J.J. Abrams: Why Superfans Are Hollywood's Unstoppable Future
a year ago
In the beginning, comic books and TV shows relied on their creators to tell the stories. The likes of #StanLee, Jim Starlin and Bob Kane would create a character and regale us all with tales of their ...
Why I Hope the 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Trailer Showed All We'll See of Robert Downey Jr.
a year ago
After nearly a decade of waiting, we have finally seen our first look at the #MCU's incarnation of #SpiderMan in his own, standalone film — and the trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming has been met with...