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Interview with Comic Creator Michael Dolce
4 months ago
It was a heck of a lot of fun getting to interview Michael Dolce (Sire Studios) this week! Michael is a regular on the comic con circuit, with many incredible titles to his name. As my first comic con...
Toronto Comicon 2019 March 15 to 17
6 months ago
Aside from getting out of the snowy weather (seriously, can't wait to be done with the shoveling), the coming of spring rings in Comicon in Toronto, and we couldn't be more excited for this year's lin...
Top 5 Must-Read Action-Adventure Fantasy Books!
6 months ago
Dragons, magic, unique lands, interesting races, kings, queens, utopias and dystopias, power struggles, and epic battles; fantasy takes us on an imaginative journey in a way nothing else can. Nothing ...
Which Book to Get for Each Person on Your Holiday Shopping List
8 months ago
The busy holiday shopping season kicked off with Black Friday a few days ago, and as we get into the holiday spirit, most of us are looking for the perfect gifts for our friends, family, boss, co-work...