Amanda Stamper

Works in real estate but would rather be working on political campaigns.

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Characters Who Ruined Good TV Shows from Being Great Ones
a year ago
Some TV shows are based around annoying characters, and this can work well if that is the intent, take Michael Scott from The Office as the perfect example. Michael is annoying and incredibly diluted but somehow it all works seamlessly, and at times he even comes off as endearing. However, what if characters were are not supposed to be perceived that way? Some of these characters who ruined good TV shows started as heroes and favorites but through poor development became insufferable. Everybody ...
Best Game of Thrones Gift Ideas for Jon Snow Fans
a year ago
The mysterious Jon Snow, the King of the North and former Leader of the Night's Watch, is a fan favorite amongst legions of Game of Thrones diehards. If you are thinking of purchasing Game of Thrones ...