Amy Walker

Just a simple lass with a passion for writing, music, movies and TV series! 

Luna vs. Hermione
a year ago
Luna and Hermione are the two of the main heroines of the Harry Potter series. Luna is a true Ravenclaw and, as we all know, Hermione was a Hat Stall and was considered for the same House, but got sor...
Luna Lovegood: Potential to Go Dark Side?
a year ago
Millions of Harry Potter fans have their own personal favourite character. Personally, mine is Luna Lovegood. As we all know, Luna is a Ravenclaw and she embodies all of what the House stands for. She...
Why Are People So Quick to Defend Snape?
2 years ago
We are introduced to Severus Snape in the first book and we automatically believe that he's a borderline evil character. Then as the series progresses, we find that he is far more complex than we firs...
The Life of Sirius Black
2 years ago
There are millions of fan theories all over the years from every possible character out of the Harry Potter universe that you could possibly imagine. They differ from believable and unique, to far-fet...