Angela Clark-Sola

A bookworm with 12 years of experience. An editor with 3 years of experience. 

Reading is my passion: it is my passtime, it is my dream career, it is my escape. I do not believe I could live without it.

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Book Review: 'Pestilence' by Laura Thalassa
a year ago
Let me start off this review by saying this book brought me out of a reading rut. I tried to stick to my posted TBR, I really did. I tried and tried and would get anywhere from two to 100 pages into a...
My 2018 TBR
2 years ago
"Just another geek trying to imitate the popular people and failing miserably." —Heather Duke, 1989 Hello! I'm new to Vocal, if you couldn't tell. When seeing the ad for this site, I knew my niche had...