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Top 5 Romance Animes
6 days ago
February usually makes us think of love; therefore, I wanted to add some new romance anime recommendation to the many, many lists that are available online. So get cozy, grab some chocolates, and your...
'One Punch Man' Season 2
a month ago
It has been three years since the first season of One Punch Man was released. Wow! One of the most awaited anime series took three years to release a sequel. Why the long wait? Well, more likely the c...
'Fruits Basket'
2 months ago
Social media is buzzing with the most recent anime news, the remake of the anime Fruits Basket. Fruits Basket, the new adaptation, will be released in 2019. The previous anime series had been released...
'Pokemon: Detective Pikachu'
3 months ago
What do Ryan Reynolds and Pikachu have in common? The level of cuteness? Hmm...maybe. Or rather that Ryan Reynolds is the voice actor of the first Pokemon action movie. As a fan of both Pokemon and Ry...
3 months ago
Alright, here it goes. There will be no season 3 for Konosuba, that's right there will absolutely no season 3. What most consider to be one of the best comedy/fantasy anime of all time, will not have ...
Funniest Anime
3 months ago
Feeling down in the dumps? Bored? Depressed? Stressed? Don't worry we all have been there, and there are days we just need to watch a little something funny to pick us up from those blue days. The goo...