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5 months ago
Alright, here it goes. There will be no season 3 for Konosuba, that's right there will absolutely no season 3. What most consider to be one of the best comedy/fantasy anime of all time, will not have ...
Funniest Anime
6 months ago
Feeling down in the dumps? Bored? Depressed? Stressed? Don't worry we all have been there, and there are days we just need to watch a little something funny to pick us up from those blue days. The goo...
'The Disastrous Life of Saiki K'
6 months ago
There are no words to describe how hilarious and entertaining this anime series is, it is truly a gem of all gems when it comes to anime comedy. It brings forth so many characters that are strangely o...
'Fairy Tail' Season 9
6 months ago
Finally! October has come and with it brings many, many amazing animes that premier this month. Among one of them is Fairy Tail's last season, or better known as season 9. It has been a long-awaited s...
'Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest' Continues
8 months ago
Hey, guys is Anime Geek here reporting for chapters 4 through 7 reviews. Before you continue to read this, I will recommend reading the link below to catch up on some of the topics that will be discus...
'The Seven Deadly Sins' End
8 months ago
Disbelief. Shock. Those were the first reactions to the news of The Seven Deadly Sins manga ending soon. It has been one of the most loved and awaited animes of 2018, yet the manga will be ending in r...