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'The Life Aquatic' with Steve Zissou
3 months ago
One of Wes Anderson's lesser-known works, it always surprises me how few people seem to have seen this film. As a famous director, many of Anderson's films are well known and have become ingrained in ...
More of My Favourite Quotes from Twin Peaks
3 months ago
One of my most popular articles to date was my original 'Top ten quotes from Twin Peaks' list, which you can find here. Because of the interest and discussion that article generated I have decided to ...
An Evaluation of Dougie's Relationship with Janey-E
3 months ago
Perhaps one of the strangest Twin Peaks relationships of all is that between Dougie Jones (Cooper's new self) an Janey-E. As far as Janey-E is concerned, this man is her husband who she has been marri...
My Favourite Minor Callbacks to Original Characters
3 months ago
It's very good to see you again old friend.
Why the Presentation of Sexuality Was One of the Biggest Differences Between the Original Seasons and the Return of 'Twin Peaks'
4 months ago
I wanted to explore the use of sexuality in the original two seasons versus the third season. In all three seasons of Twin Peaks, things are abstract and muddling, but it's easy to pick out particular...