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Spirituality and the Use of Mood in 'Twin Peaks'
10 months ago
As everyone who has watched Twin Peaks will realise, there is much more to it than it just being a show on television. As well as the quirky characters and the offbeat humour and the story-line that f...
Five 'Twin Peaks' Couples That Shouldn't Have Happened
10 months ago
In contrast to my article about my favourite five Twin Peaks couples, I decided to compile a list of my least favourite romantic entanglements seen in Twin Peaks. (You can read my article about the be...
'Queen of Hearts' Is Approaching
10 months ago
We are nearing summer time, which will soon be upon us. With that will bring the commencing of Queen of Hearts's production. We will return again to Snoqualmie, Washington to discover the fate of Anni...
Top Ten 'Twin Peaks' Moments
10 months ago
My Favourites!
Top Five 'Twin Peaks' Couples
10 months ago
Before I begin, I would like to say that I have not included any of Dale Cooper's relationships here, as I wrote a separate article about his Twin Peaks women which you can read here: Who Should Coope...