Annie Kapur

English and Writing (B.A), Film and Writing (M.A).

Musical Interests: Bob Dylan, Billie Holiday, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Buddy Holly 

Favourite Films: I'm Not There & The Conjuring Series

Instagram: @3ftmonster 

Twitter: @3ftmonster

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Happy 43rd Birthday to Cillian Murphy!
4 hours ago
Born on the 25th of May, 1976, Cillian Murphy grew up in the far southern regions of the Republic of Ireland. He became my childhood hero when I was 9 years old because of his great performances in Ba...
'Mahabharata' (Pt. 2)
7 hours ago
Now we're going to look at the perspective of philosophy and how this suggests at the historical accuracy of the narrative. This is still working inside the text; we're looking and what happened, how ...
2 days ago
It stands at seven times the length of Homer's poetic epics of ancient Greece, it is over 1.8 million words long and even the abridged version is just under 1,000 pages. With 200,000 verses, it is the...
Books Published in the 1950s that You Should Definitely Read Before You Die
3 days ago
There are a ton of books you should definitely read, but in this article we're going to explore some books from the 1950s that you should definitely read. Yes, there are a number of great authors from...
'The Iliad' by Homer (Pt. 4)
4 days ago
The way in which the ancient Greeks of classical Greece thought about the Iliad was not how we do today. In the 21st century, we understand that there are things far too impossible about the Iliad to ...
In My Opinion: The Best American Actors
5 days ago
I've already done an article on the Best British Actors of today, and you can read it here. I have a pretty good idea of who I want to put on the list of Americans now as well. I've always known that ...