Annie Kapur

English and Writing (B.A), Film and Writing (M.A).

Musical Interests: Bob Dylan, Billie Holiday, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Buddy Holly 

Favourite Films: I'm Not There & The Conjuring Series

Instagram: @3ftmonster 

Twitter: @3ftmonster

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My Opinion: The 10 Worst Actors of All Time
12 days ago
There are many actors that you'd consider to be bad at their job or with a terrible filmography, though they've been acting for years and years. The problem I have with some actors is exactly this. On...
A Filmmaker’s Guide to the 19th Century Novel
12 days ago
Everyone knows that there have been many, many adaptations of 19th century novels, and everyone knows that there have been countless different methods of adapting them. Whether you go with Boris Karlo...
'The Aeneid' by Virgil (Pt. 3)
12 days ago
We are now going to look at the history of The Aeneid briefly as there are a couple of question which require immediate answering. These questions, when answered, change the meaning of the text and ch...
'The Aeneid' by Virgil (Pt. 2)
14 days ago
Now what we're going to look at is the mythology regarding The Aeneid and where we think it came from. These include the Roman Gods and Goddesses and the Roman foundation myth of Romulus and Remus. Of...
'The Aeneid' by Virgil
16 days ago
The Aeneid was written during the reign of Emperor Augustus, and penned between the years of 29 and 19 BC. It is normally split into two sections–the first deals with Aeneas' journey, and the next dea...
'The Picture of Dorian Gray' by Oscar Wilde (Pt. 4)
18 days ago
We are now going to look at The Picture of Dorian Gray in comparison to two other texts presenting to us the destruction of character. Dorian is a tragedy, that much is true, but we will look at other...