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Best TV Shows Based on a Comic Book Series
a year ago
These days, it is hard to change the channel without coming across a TV show based on a comic book series. How do these TV shows match up to the comic books that inspired them? Whether you are a fan of the comic books are just enjoy good TV shows, you will find yourself drawn into these types of shows. Here we will look at some of these popular TV shows based on a comic book series, letting you know everything you need to about these hits.
Most Offensive Marvel Comics Stories
a year ago
Comic book fans tend to get offended by a lot of things – when Spider-Man sold his marriage to Mephisto, for example – but there's a special place in the Marvel family for the most offensive Marvel Co...
Beginner's Guide to 'Lego Dimensions'
a year ago
Lego Dimensions, to anyone on the outside, sounds like some crack fanfiction a child who has consumed way too much candy came up with on a school playground, which is what makes it freaking awesome. W...
New 'Destiny 2' Trailer Is Released
a year ago
The moment gamers have been waiting for is here – the Destiny 2 trailer is released, and Bungie has given fans a first-glimpse at the sequel to their popular property. Fans of Bungie's Destiny have been clamoring for more content since the game first came out. While Bungie has offered tons of expansive add-ons to the game – greatly increasing what the game had to offer – a number of fans left the first game a little disappointed in what all that hype led up to. From the looks of this new trailer...
Scariest Moments In Nintendo Games
a year ago
People have this weird desire to take pleasant, happy memories, and twist them into some of the scariest moments of our lives. Nintendo has a close spot in many gamers' hearts. Maybe the NES was your ...
Why Kids Movies Should Be Scary
a year ago
Children's entertainment is often equated with family friendly affairs - safe, fluffy material that neither challenges nor troubles younger audiences. It's not scary. Not frightening. Not nightmare-in...