Arvind Pennathur

I'm a law student studying in India with a particular love for the quieter things in life. Give me a cup of coffee, a rainy day in New York City, and a laptop with MS Word, and I shall be the happiest man alive. 

'Incredibles 2': Movie Review
23 days ago
Movie sequels are tricky. Old audiences have to be convinced that the original story merited a sequel in the first place, and upon sitting down to view one, have to be convinced that the plot of the m...
The Renegade Pokémon
a month ago
“This is it…Giratina is up ahead.” I gulped and hopped off from the floating platform to follow Cynthia. As I walked, the air around us grew colder, and the maelstrom below us increased in intensity. ...
The Genius of 'Hamilton'
2 months ago
History is that one subject that most of us roll our eyes at. After all, how does what happened to men who lived hundreds of thousands of years before us affect us in the modern world? Why do we have ...
Avengers: Infinity War Review (Spoiler Edition)
2 months ago
For the past 10 years, Marvel has come to dominate cinema and completely transform superhero movies as we know them. They have managed to build an entire universe within a set of 19 movies. When you c...
Is 'Dragon Ball Super' Really That Bad?
6 months ago
Shōnen is the most recognisable branch of anime for the simple fact that it's the most marketable. Throw a couple of quirky characters together, give them superpowers or some special skills and a vill...
Why 'My Hero Academia' Scares Me
6 months ago
I think we can all agree on the fact that superheroes and the superhero genre is the most marketable form of entertainment in the world right now. We've got movies which, when combined together, weave...