Arvind Pennathur

I'm a law student studying in India with a particular love for the quieter things in life. Give me a cup of coffee, a rainy day in New York City, and a laptop with MS Word, and I shall be the happiest man alive. 

Is 'Dragon Ball Super' Really That Bad?
a year ago
Shōnen is the most recognisable branch of anime for the simple fact that it's the most marketable. Throw a couple of quirky characters together, give them superpowers or some special skills and a vill...
Why 'My Hero Academia' Scares Me
2 years ago
I think we can all agree on the fact that superheroes and the superhero genre is the most marketable form of entertainment in the world right now. We've got movies which, when combined together, weave...
The Chinks in 'Game of Thrones'' Armour
2 years ago
(SPOILER WARNING FOR ALL SEVEN SEASONS OF GAME OF THRONES) No franchise is infallible. There have been several stories that have been told through the course of books, movies, TV shows, and even video...