Ashley Clouse

Philadelphia photographer and wife, with a love of cheese, adorable plants and true-crime documentaries

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'Spirited Away'
14 days ago
As the first Ghibli film I ever saw, I asked my roommate what she spiked my coffee with. Don't worry, I love this movie now that I have sat down and appreciated this artistry for what it is; definitel...
Once Upon a Time in Quentin Tarantino’s Brain
16 days ago
In honor on Tarantino’s ninth of 10 films coming out this past week, I decided to kick-off my 100 favorite movies thread with a compilation of Quentin’s best and better. First things first, I saw the ...
How Harry Potter Teaches Adults
a year ago
As a 22-year-old adult female, I firmly believe I can and have been taught by the story of the Boy Who Lived. Harry Potter is so much more than a children's series about a boy who gets to be the hero ...
Because I Have a Voice
2 years ago
As a lover of history and a film major, historic biopics are my go-to genre of enjoyment. An aspiring director myself, these films inspire me to dig deeper into the stories I want to tell on the scree...