Azaria Brown

22. I'm a writer and illustrator. I like films, television, books, music, politics and being black. One of my dreams is to work for Genius. 

IG: JaneAvalonArt


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'Mr. Happy' Film Analysis
2 months ago
Trigger Warning: Attempted suicide, murder. On March 20, 2015, VICE uploaded Mr. Happy to their YouTube channel (which makes this analysis over four years late). The film stars Chance the Rapper, who plays Victor Bennett, a man that wants to kill himself, but can’t seem to do it. Ironically, in order to cure his unhappiness, Victor contacts Mr. Happy, a service that offers an easy way for one to arrange their murder. In fact, the film is absolutely full of ironies. The film establishes Victor as...
Who Is "The Boy?"
2 months ago
On March 12, 2014, Complex posted Childish Gambino’s Chicken and Futility, a short film that seems to create an existential discussion about futility, and how it presents itself in different aspects o...
After the Live Action 'Lion King,' Reboots Need to Stop
6 months ago
When I heard that there would be a live action Lion King staring Beyonce and Donald Glover, I was just as excited as the next person. Donald Glover is an incredible artist and is incredibly versatile ...
Atlanta's "FUBU" Episode: What's Up with Denisha?
a year ago
The "FUBU" episode of Atlanta was a large topic of conversation after it aired. The episode told a lot of truths; it discussed tag checking, bullying, difficulties faced by teachers/school administrat...
I Refuse to Monetarily Support Movies Without Minorities
a year ago
Lately, my response to those that ask me if I'm going to see a movie in the theater is, "Nope, there aren't enough black people in it." For some reason, this never ceases to surprise people, even thos...
Stop Trying to Revive 90s Classics
a year ago
From the creation of live action versions of our favorite cartoons to rebooting classical television shows, there has been a lot of talk about injecting the 90s right into 2000s. On the surface, bring...