Ben McVittie

Photographer, Actor, Movie Critic and Nap Taker. I co-host the podcast "Off Topic". Follow me on twitter @benmcv or instagram @storytimeben

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Is Cinema Dying at the Hands of Netflix?
3 months ago
The other day I decided to open Twitter because for some reason I convinced myself that would be a valuable way to use my time. I was greeted by a large picture of Spielberg and the headline "Film fan...
Movie Review: 'First Man' Excels as a Macro View of Space Exploration and a Micro View of Humanity
7 months ago
Oscar winning director Damien Chazelle's First Man tells the raw story of how America, as a nation got the the moon. However, as the title indicates, the film chooses to tell the story specifically fr...
Disney's 'Christopher Robin' Is a Good Way to Waste Time
10 months ago
I feel like I'm supposed to hate this movie, but I don't. If there is one skill that Disney has mastered, it is the ability to sell childhood back to adults. Disney's Christopher Robin exists for that...
'Paddington 2' Is Perfect
a year ago
I saw Paddington 2 and fell in love with it. And by fell in love with, I mean that I want to buy this movie a Snuggie for Valentine's day or something. It is rare for me to walk out of a movie and hav...
In Defence of 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty'
a year ago
By writing a defence of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, I'm not saying that I moderately enjoyed watching this movie and think audiences were a little too hard on it: I love this movie, I have unapol...
'Coco' Review: A Beautiful Pixar Gem
a year ago
There's no denying that Pixar has had better days; the studio may still be the reigning king of animation in North America but in recent years (post The Incredibles) the majority of their films have b...