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Ben helps students from around the world to improve their English language skills. Ben enjoys traveling around the world, developing his writing abilities, and reading good books.  

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Movies to Watch—'The Grey'
3 days ago
The actor Liam Neeson has become one of the main action figures in Hollywood, starring in such popular films as Taken, Batman Begins, and Gangs of New York. However, while these roles were a bit one-d...
'Movies to Watch'—February 2019
2 months ago
Here are three movies to watch during the rest of this winter season.
Movies to Watch: 'The Revenant'
3 months ago
What happens when you push a man to his utmost limit? What occurs when you take everything from him including his wife and child? At the point of both physical and mental exhaustion, what carries the ...
'Munich' (2005) - Film Review and Analysis
6 months ago
Can revenge be worth it and what are the consequences involved in carrying out acts of vengeance? Munich (2005), a film directed by Steven Spielberg, poses a number of moral quandaries regarding how c...
'No Country for Old Men' - Film Review and Analysis
8 months ago
Cormac McCarthy, a distinguished American author of such noteworthy novels of The Road and Blood Meridian, is not as well known for No Country for Old Men, but it is an excellent and renowned novel in...
'Revolutionary Road' — Film Review and Analysis
a year ago
The epic saga of Jack and Rose continues in the form of two young, suburbanite lovebirds in Connecticut who discover that married life may not be what they thought it would be. If anyone has seen the ...