Bethany Tiamat

I love three things: books with yellowed pages, long walks on beaches with my german shepard Dany, and dishes incorporating fried onions.

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Greatest Gangster Movies
9 months ago
Gangster movies never go out of style. No matter the time or era, everyone is drawn to the stories of the mafia in American cinema, whether to cringe at the horror on screen or be thrilled by the criminal underworld. The mafia and mob has offered tons of real stories about gangsters caught red handed or of men who rose the ranks only to fall – hard. Throughout history, a few films have risen to the top. Even fewer remain relevant over the years. But the greatest ganger movies say more about life...
Best 90s Cartoon Network Shows
10 months ago
"Only 90s kids will remember" is a trendy tagline that epitomizes the nostalgia shared amongst those born between 1990 and 1999. This period was right before the age of smartphones took away from the true creativity of many TV animators. Regardless of the cynicism, however, many cartoons from this era are amazing, and have earned a special place in the nostalgic fan's heart. In this article, we will be taking a trip down memory lane with these 90s Cartoon Network shows that any 90s kid will defi...
Most Popular Game Premiers Since the Inception of Gaming
a year ago
The world of gaming is an insane fixture in society, with legions of fans the world over obsessing on games they can play both casually and competitively even as far as a year ahead of its release. Wi...