Brandon Wettig

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'Army of Darkness' Review
4 days ago
This is the ultimate definition of a "Cult Classic" or a B-Movie. A film made with an extremely low budget of 11 million dollars and is beloved by the "Dungeons and Dragons" type of nerds and video ga...
Jerry Maguire - Review
7 days ago
I think that out of all the Tom Cruise films I have seen, this is my favorite performance of his. Now, as of the time that I am writing this, I haven't seen Born on the Fourth July or Magnolia yet, bu...
'War of the Worlds' Review
11 days ago
Do you ever come across that one movie where you hear bad reviews from countless different places, but you still want to watch it anyway? This scenario has happened to me a couple times, but the most ...
'Crazy, Stupid, Love'—Review
11 days ago
In every relationship I have ever had, there has always been that "one talk." No, it wasn't about marriage, kids, moving in together, or even to try some frisky new thing in the bedroom, it has always...
'American Wedding'—Review
13 days ago
So like I said in my review of American Pie 2, making a sequel to a comedy film is an extremely tough thing to do because not only do you have to recapture that magic and the humor of the first humor ...
'American Pie' - Review
16 days ago
Bold statement approaching—this is, in my eyes, the best teenage movie of all time. No film has captured the essence of what it is like to be a horny teenager in your final year of high school quite l...