Brian Anonymous

I have tons of opinions that change constantly. I watch a lot of movies and play video games. 

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My Review of 'The Lion King' 2019
19 hours ago
I know a lot of people have reservations for The Lion King. The old 90s Lion King movie is, and will always be, a classic to some, so a lot of people already have their minds set for this movie. I lik...
My Review of 'Stranger Things': Season 3
8 days ago
I realize that they have to churn out the seasons for Stranger Things pretty fast right about now. The kids are growing up and pretty soon you won't buy the fact that they're still teenagers anymore. ...
My Review of 'Always Be My Maybe'
15 days ago
I didn't think I'd want to go back to Netflix until I saw some of the trailers for Always be my Maybe. I'm a fan of Ali Wong, and I didn't think that she would actually have a starring role in a movie...
My Review of 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'
15 days ago
I know there's a ton of expectations when it comes to Spider-Man: Far From Home. Its predecessor Spider-Man: Homecoming was very successful and critically acclaimed by pretty much everyone. To make ma...
My Review of 'Toy Story 4'
21 days ago
Toy Story 4 is a movie that I didn't think Pixar would make. They're the company that's supposed to be against sequels but we're seeing quite a lot of sequels coming from them. The first Toy Story was...
My Review of 'What Men Want'
25 days ago
The premise of What Men Want kind of makes sense in today's climate, but the way the movie was portrayed makes me second guess this. This movie's predecessor, What Women Want, kind of made sense at th...