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Ten of the Best Romance Manga to Date
11 days ago
Ever since I can remember, I always loved to read. I could escape into a fantasy world or another reality where I could escape my own. I had no knowledge of the great expansive manga collections out t...
Anime to Watch Summer 2018
2 months ago
My Summer isn't complete without finding some great new anime to watch! Each season has some great anime that airs and this season is no different. Here are my top picks to watch this Summer.
'Violet Evergarden' Series Review
2 months ago
I had this anime on my watchlist ever since it popped up on MyAnimeList recommendation page and it never really stuck out as something I was interested in watching. After deciding I needed something t...
Your Next Obsession: Korean Dramas
3 months ago
While I was in college, I stumbled upon a new genre of shows after completing a good amount of American television shows. That genre happened to be Korean dramas (K-Dramas) and they have become one of...
Anime to Watch Spring 2018
4 months ago
It's that time of year again where we've got some great new anime starting to air, as well as continuing seasons of anime that are continuing to amaze fans around the globe. Here are some of my top pi...
Top 5 Fall 2017 Anime
5 months ago
Each season I tend to try to watch around five to ten new anime that have come out. It's a great way to find something to watch in my spare time while also I have found some of my all time favorite an...