Christina St-Jean

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Pete Davidson Shows on 'SNL' After Alarming Instagram Post
2 months ago
It's been years since I watched Saturday Night Live, and until I found out that Pete Davidson was dating Ariana Grande, I had no idea who he was. I did, however, like him on sight. In spite of the cra...
Ellen Is Staying - for Now
2 months ago
I've already got "Please Don't Go Girl" by New Kids On The Block going through my head at the news that Ellen DeGeneres might be leaving her acclaimed talk show in 2020. In some respects, who could bl...
'Avengers: Endgame' May Be More Emotionally Devastating Than 'Infinity War'
2 months ago
Those of us who have been watching the #Marvel movies for the last decade know what's coming when #AvengersEndgame hits theatres this coming April. As April 26, 2019 approaches, the emotional tension ...
'Ralph Breaks The Internet'—and a Big Stereotype (Spoilers!)
2 months ago
As the parent of two girls—and a fairly non-stereotypical woman myself—I have in many ways been troubled by the portrayal of many animated women over the years. In writing this, I know how ridiculous ...
Dame #JulieAndrews Takes on #MaryPoppinsReturns at Box Office
3 months ago
It looks like Julie Andrews will be spending the Christmas box office season as part of the #DCEU instead of on Cherry Tree Lane with the Banks children. In something of a surprise move, it's been rev...
How Stan Lee Became Cool to the 21st Century Generation
3 months ago
Who knew that a nonagenarian could be cool? Apparently, Marvel did when Stan Lee first started an incredible string of cameo appearances in a range of Marvel television shows and movies, beginning wit...