Christina St-Jean

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Why Jamie Lee Curtis' Appeal Endures
8 days ago
I became a fan of Jamie Lee Curtis a bit later in the game than some of my peers. As a teen, I knew her as a horror and suspense actor, thanks to movies like Blue Steel and, of course, Halloween, and ...
'Sesame Street' Roomies Ernie and Bert Inspired By LGBTQ+ Relationship?
a month ago
It's an argument that has been hashed over for decades: Are #Ernie and #Bert gay? I'm really not sure why such an argument would even exist, to be honest, but thanks to Emmy-winning writer and playwri...
Jason Momoa, We Love You!
a month ago
I was first introduced to Jason Momoa through my husband. Maybe that's not an entirely accurate statement, but hear me out. My husband used to watch Stargate: Atlantis regularly. As a result, I ended ...
Josie Totah Announces She Is Transgender
2 months ago
We are on a journey of self-discovery throughout our lives. Nowhere does this seem to be truer than during the turbulent times known as adolescence. Kids go through a tremendous amount of growth, both...
Why Shows like 'Returning the Favor' Give Hope
2 months ago
Like many other people, I have been known to scroll through my Facebook feed and click on videos that I find interesting, informative, or funny. One day earlier this summer, I was drawn to a video tag...
How 'Queer Eye' Hooked Me
2 months ago
When Queer Eye for the Straight Guy first debuted in July 2003, I was just 30-years-old and was not honestly a huge fan of the reality show experience in general. To be honest, I did not think reality...