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Superman Is Not Übermensch
19 days ago
In All Star Superman #3, Superman answers the unanswerable question. He answers the challenge of the Ultra-Sphinx to save Lois' life in a state of quantum uncertainty, between life and death. All Star...
20 days ago
In Justice League Unlimited, the DCAU presents Doomsday as a Superman clone. This differs from the comic version where Doomsday is actually a clone from Krypton, by scientist Bertron. In Justice Leagu...
Investigation: Brainiac-Luthor Crisis
20 days ago
This is a disclaimer on Justice League Unlimited that is not claiming to report real facts or charges of terrorism. It is an investigation on the Brainiac-Luthor crisis. The events of the Justice Leag...
An Ideal of Hope
25 days ago
Art expresses something of the symbol of the natural world, it is an imitation of life, for it seeks to convey through symbol, audio, and visual image, a reflection, a truth, and the goodness of life ...
Mother Box
2 months ago
The Mother Box guarded by the Amazons in the Justice League movie. Justice League (2017), directed by Zack Snyder and written by Joss Whedon and Chris Terrio, may not have enjoyed great commercial success. However, it is notable for introducing important DC Comics characters, expanding the DC Extended Universe into the multiversal world of the New Gods. A central element of the story revolves around the Mother Box. In DC Comics continuity, this sophisticated artifact is created by the New Gods, ...
The Overvoid Monitor
2 years ago
Literature is a creation of the human intelligence, a formulation of eminent genius, a construct of reality through the progressing of story. Comic book fiction is a storyboard, imprinted on the blank...