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Thoughts on 'Dragon Ball Z': From a First-Time Viewer
2 months ago
Keep in mind, I am still not done with the show, and I am also reading the manga as well. This article is still only my opinion and isn't gospel, so what I say won't stick with everyone.
5 Ways 'Justice League' Could Have Been Better
4 months ago
It would be an understatement to say DC’s 'Justice League' was disappointing, and this is coming from a HUGE DC fan... so, these are things that could have made the movie infinitely better.
5 Canceled Shows That Need to Be Brought Back
8 months ago
We can all agree that these ended way too soon, and we would welcome them back with open arms.
Top 10 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies
8 months ago
These movies are my top ten and not based on any reviews, and they only contain movies from the MCU.
Top 10 DC Films
8 months ago
These aren’t specific to the DCEU or to live action. This list consists of any movie made. Keep in mind, this list’s rankings are based on my opinion and are not ranked according to their scores.
Top 10 Shows to Watch When Feeling Down
8 months ago
These are just my opinions and not everyone might agree with them. I watch these when ever I feel down, sad, or a bit depressed, but these shows will surely boost up your spirit.