Connor Luke Simpson

amateur filmmaker - will post my ramblings about film and television here from time to time.  find me at @RealConnorLuke on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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The Ever-Changing Face of Documentary Film
5 months ago
As the case with many other genres of film, there is some debate around the first example of documentary. Some credit Roundhay Garden Scene (1888) as the first example—known today as “the earliest sur...
Ten Things Disney Want You to Forget
5 months ago
In case you missed it, Disney has recently been celebrating 90 years of magic; it's the company that has become so ingrained with the idea of childhood nostalgia that the mere mention of possibly re-r...
Do You Remember This Shocking Superhero Conflict at 20th Century Fox?
8 months ago
As consumers; Spectacle, Summer Blockbusters, and Cinematic Universes are all the rage in modern society. One has to only look at Universal Studios as an example, the studio had a fantastic 2015, brea...
How America Almost Ruined Aardman Animation
9 months ago
Wallace and Gromit still to this day stand as Aardman’s crowning achievement; an innovative animated duo that would not only become pop culture icons within British society, but instead icons the worl...