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Best Celebrity Cameos on 'The Simpsons'
a year ago
That's right! The Simpsons have one of the largest character lists in the history of television. Not only is the town of Springfield very well populated, but each person has an abundant amount of lines throughout the series and is not left strictly to the background scene. In fact, most characters have episodes dedicated to their role in the show, revolving around the Simpson family of course. Each person has their own backstory and characteristics that make them unique and a hilarious asset to ...
Best 'Family Guy' Musical Numbers
a year ago
Since 1999, Family Guy has become more and more popular as its hilarity grows. Some of their most hilarious moments come from their extremely well-produced music. Peopled loved these so much that characters Brian and Stewie were featured on the 2007 Emmy Awards to sing a number about television. Whether it is the slightest jokes implanted in the lyrics or the well-choreographed dance numbers, these songs will have you cracking up so much that you just have to rewind to hear them again. Although ...
'The Avengers: Infinity Wars' Superheroes Getting Their Own Movies
a year ago
As the superhero team of Avengers is growing at a fast pace since the year 2008 with the introduction to Iron Man, the Marvel Cinematic Universe also becomes larger. The Avengers: Civil War is set to ...
Who Rules the Box Office, DC or Marvel Films?
a year ago
Deciding who rules the cinematic superhero world is an argument for the ages, and the box office results are what can truly help us in the search for this answer. If you are a movie lover and not dedi...