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BSCC Hires Child Molester
2 years ago
No you did not read that title wrong. IMAGE LLC event Boston South Coast Comic Con has hired Sci-Fi Photo Guys which is owned and operated by Sexual Predator Daniel Silverman. For those of you that ar...
A Comprehensive Look Into the Anime Boston Lawsuit
2 years ago
This week has been a roller-coaster ride for those representing NEAS, IMAGE, and Fantastic Gathering Inc in court. Throughout social media I see many fans taking sides without a complete understanding...
Anime Boston Parent Suing Fantastic Gatherings Inc.
2 years ago
Tempers are on the rise in the Anime Community today when Fantastic Gatherings Inc. announced they were being sued by Anime Boston's Parent company The New England Anime Society (NEAS) for their "Bost...
But Wait, There's More: RICC 2017
2 years ago
This is building off of my other article on this years Rhode Island Comic Con out in Providence, RI. If you didn't read the first article on the Convention Click here to brush up on the early developm...
Where's the Love RICC?
2 years ago
"Where's the love Rhode Island Comic Con" is the question I find myself asking this week as the popular Providence area convention came to a close earlier this past week.
Oh, For The Love of Cosplay!
2 years ago
So for the last few years, I have been a member of the board of directors for the cosplay event company N.E.C.C. Events. Now I bet some of you are going "Oh, that's cool! You must have been super popu...