Courtney Lowry

Courtney Lowry is a senior photography major at SCAD. She can be found jamming out to PRETTYMUCH, writing poems, or raising awareness for psoriasis and mental health.


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'Forever': Amazon Prime's Bleakest Couple Shines Bright in the Afterlife
3 months ago
To talk about Amazon Prime’s Forever, you first have to ask yourself, “Is there an afterlife?” For those who don’t believe in life after death, this show is probably not for you. However, for fans of ...
Where Are the Children's Books Made for Black Kids?
3 months ago
When I think about the things I’ve read as a kid, all of the books and stories point back to the dominance of the white male in children’s literature: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Harry Potter Diary o...
'Sex Education'—Netflix's Woke Series We Didn't Know We Needed
4 months ago
*This review includes spoilers.* Starting off 2019 with a bang, Netflix has given us Sex Education, a snarky, socially-aware television series chronicling the lives of British high-schoolers as they c...
How YouTube Affects My Mental Health
5 months ago
With movie based streaming services dominating how I enjoy entertainment nowadays, it is hard to convince myself to become an avid YouTube-watcher again. Netflix and Amazon Prime don’t make me feel le...