Craig Arnott

A guy who was raised on comic books, sci-fi and the love of superheroes, thanks for that dad. I am also studying Film Production and Cinematography giving new insight into the craft. Follow me at:

As Voted By the Fans, the Top 5 White and Purple Precure!
4 months ago
Back in 2004, Futari Wa Precure first aired and introduced the first White-themed heroine in the franchise with Cure White. Fighting evil with her partner, Cure Black, the pair founded a legacy of her...
As Voted by the Fans, the Top 5 Red and Green Precure!
4 months ago
Ever since the series Yes! Precure 5, you can guarantee that every year when the newest Precures arrive, there will always be a Pink, Blue, and Yellow Cure on the team. The other Cures (which are ofte...
10 of the Best Megazords from 'Power Rangers'
5 months ago
One thing every Ranger fan expects to see is the colossal assault vehicles piloted by the Power Rangers, the Zords. These Zords reflect the pilots theme, holds an arrangement of weapons and abilities ...
Worlds Collide! A Pokemon Region Like No Other! Marvel 'Earth-P106X' Discovered!
5 months ago
Let me begin by saying this is fan made and not real. Marvel holds multiple Earths within their multiverse. In each universe the beloved heroes and villains of Marvel see their pasts, history, and fut...
As Voted by the Fans, the Top 5 Yellow Precure!
5 months ago
When Cure Black and Cure White first burst onto screens creating the legacy of Precure, they created a magical franchise of young women taking magical powers and save the world. Dozens of Precures hav...
Five Animated Shows That Need a Live-Action Movie
5 months ago
Famous cartoon shows being turned into live-action movies is something of a common occurrence now. Sometimes this is met with great success, and sometimes it falls flatter than Coyote running off a cl...