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A guy who was raised on comic books, sci-fi and the love of superheroes, thanks for that dad. I am also studying Film Production and Cinematography giving new insight into the craft. Follow me at:

The Top 5 Looks of Carol Danvers
6 months ago
Carol Danvers first appeared in Marvel Comics back in March 1968. This means her film, Captain Marvel, will be released a whopping 41 years later! With so much history, the character has been through ...
Japanese Anime Makes Massive Strive for Gender Acceptance
6 months ago
Precure is a franchise celebrating its 15th anniversary this year with its current season Hugtto Precure! Some may know of Precure, as it is the franchise that is used by Saban to create their franchi...
5 Things You Never Knew About Captain Marvel
6 months ago
The latest trailer for the upcoming Captain Marvel is sparking debate over the worldwide web. Many are questioning if a female led superhero film will be a smash or a flop? Well, this article will not be debating that matter, instead, it will be showing you things you may never have known about Carol Danvers and her long past at Marvel Comics.