Cronan Parry

I like making lists and rating things. Doesn't mean I know what I'm talking about.

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‘Black Mirror’ – Every Episode (Worst to Best) / S1-S4
a year ago
I'm going to be including each episode rank according to IMDB as well. Pretty hefty on text. If I'm not mistaken at the start of each episode as the title fades away the last letters to go leave to wo...
Justice League Review
a year ago
Before we begin I would just like to pay my respects to Zack Snyder and I hope he and his family members are coping as best they can at this time. I would also like to stop anyone in the mind of 'Oh h...
DCEU Films: Worst to Best
a year ago
There have been four films leading up to Justice League, and they've caused quite a stir from fans and critics alike. I'll let you know now so you can opt out of this early. I'm not much of a fan of t...