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I write short stories, and reviews on short stories. 

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"Bandersnatch" Explained
6 months ago
Everything is not in our own control. Instead, there is some being that is out there, deciding everything that we do, think, and will become. Past trauma? That is destined from the moment you are born...
'Big Mouth': Season 2 Review
8 months ago
If you like inappropriate innuendos, breaking the 4th wall, and cartoons about puberty: you must have already seen Big Mouth: Season 2. No one really talks about the crazy moments in puberty growing u...
'13 Reasons Why': Season 2 Review
a year ago
If you haven't seen 13 Reasons Why, and want to, look away. There will be spoilers. 13 Reasons Why was created by Brian Yorkey and the second season was released on May 18, 2018. If you've already see...