Edward Anderson

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Report: Julie Chen out at 'The Talk'
2 months ago
“From outside the Big Brother house, I am Julie Chen Moonves. Good Night.” That’s how the CBS hostess signed off from her nighttime job last Thursday. It was her first television appearance since Rona...
Chelsea Handler Joins 'Will and Grace'
4 months ago
Full confession: Chelsea Handler is one of my favorite comics around, and Will and Grace is my favorite comedy ever. So this news is like Karen’s voice in my ears. It’s almost as good as hearing that ...
Reform 'First Reformed'
5 months ago
"If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all." It's a lesson that we were all taught as kids. It's not advice that should be heeded when it comes to movie critics though, so if ...
I'm a Jack
5 months ago
Which character are you? People often say that Buzzfeed has changed the way that we talk about ourselves. It's not true though, we've always identified ourselves through characters in pop culture. For...
Will and Grace Defended Roseanne
7 months ago
"Oh honey, you're over analyzing this. Sit down and have a martini." That's what I imagine Karen Walker would say when (if) she read this essay of mine. Nobody puts more thought into what sitcoms are ...
Why Roseanne Succeeded Where Idol Failed
8 months ago
Within the last month, ABC has premiered two revivals of classic shows, American Idol and Roseanne. One is withering on the vine despite a hefty price tag, and the other is mired in controversy over a...