Edward Anderson

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Why is Kevin Spacey More Condemned Than Others?
a month ago
I am pissed at Kevin Spacey. It's true that I've never been a massive fan of his, though American Beauty stands up to the test of time. House of Cards helped launch Netflix into the original programmi...
The Tale of 2 GH Fanbases
a month ago
"You want the fans to feel something, even if it's anger, it means they are watching!" Anthony Geary, General Hospital's (arguably) most famous alum once said. It seems that those words are echoing ar...
In Defense of 'Will and Grace'
a month ago
Will and Grace is back ya'll! In case you haven't heard. It's back and funnier than ever. Or at least that's what I thought. Whenever it's on or when I admittedly re-watch the episodes on iTunes I lau...
Sex and The Fighting Cast
2 months ago
The other big story over the last few weeks has been the feud between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall. Unlike the Harvey Weinstein story, this one doesn't leave me feeling icky all over. Yes, "i...
Another View On Jed's Exit
3 months ago
What better way to say "Happy Birthday" to your alleged friend, than to announce that you're leaving the show you both work on, on their birthday? Maybe Jedediah Bila didn't have a choice in the matte...
Kevin Can Recast
6 months ago
Over the weekend, there was some pretty big news. No it's not the fact that Wonder Woman made a bazillion dollars at the box office, that was expected. The big news was that Leah Remini was going to b...