Edward Anderson

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The Wage Gap Soap Opera
a month ago
General Hospital's Carly Corinthos was Hell in Heels. She stole her mother's husband, lied about the paternity of her son, and framed her lover for murder, and that was just a Thursday. Her original p...
The Fault in the Ginuwine Controversy
a month ago
"Ride it, my pony. My saddle's waiting..." Ginuwine sings in his biggest hit to date, "Pony." There's at least one subsection of the population that is not invited to ride his pony: trans-women, as In...
The Nonsensical 'Roseanne'​ Twist
a month ago
Who is going to watch the new Trump-loving reboot of Roseanne? If I'm honest, the Trump-loving part lost me, but I may still give it a shot because why not? It's my job to keep up with pop culture, an...
Why 'Will and Grace' Is Essential Now!
a month ago
As I write this essay, I am listening to the audiobook version of Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff, and wishing that I wasn't. The book by all accounts seems to be well researched and Wolff's writing st...
Why is Kevin Spacey More Condemned Than Others?
4 months ago
I am pissed at Kevin Spacey. It's true that I've never been a massive fan of his, though American Beauty stands up to the test of time. House of Cards helped launch Netflix into the original programmi...
The Tale of 2 GH Fanbases
4 months ago
"You want the fans to feel something, even if it's anger, it means they are watching!" Anthony Geary, General Hospital's (arguably) most famous alum once said. It seems that those words are echoing ar...