Edwin Betancourt

Edwin is a published writer, author & poet from the Bronx NY. He has been writing since the age of 14 and hasn't stopped since. His dream is to write television shows or movies telling stories that people in all walks of life can enjoy.

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Margot Robbie to Play Barbie!
5 months ago
The idea of a live action Barbie film was announced in 2016. I guess Mattel wanted to create their own version of Life Size and if you hear about a movie based on a doll, you automatically think of Ch...
How Netflix's 'Bandersnatch' Broke Me!
5 months ago
I waited an entire week to check out Netflix's Bandersnatch. I didn't have anything spoiled for me, except the fact this movie was an interactive film, where you make decisions for the protagonist nam...
Why 'Suicide Squad' Still Makes Me Mad
5 months ago
(Suicide Squad is an Oscar award winning film... let that sink in for a few minutes. They won for best Costume Design.) When it was first announced that the comic book series Suicide Squad was going t...
'Charmed' STILL Kicking Demon Butts 21 Years Later!
5 months ago
On October 7, 1998 no one knew a show about three sisters finding out they were Witches would be the second highest rated show on the WB—now The CW—(behind 7th Heaven). And no one knew how impactful t...
In TV Shows, Are Gay Men Real or Fictitious?
2 years ago
Being a gay man, I know how stupid the question is, yet why did I choose to ask it? Well, it's because I don't think society has a full grasp on who gay men are. Too many homophobic people, gay men ar...