Eli Sanza

Eli Sanza is a media critic and film historian from California. He posts film and TV news on Twitter and discusses Hollywood history on his podcast and his blog. He is also a Disney geek and currently stuck in the '90s.

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2017 Fall TV Review
2 years ago
While I love Netflix and HBO, I still have a special place in my heart for the broadcast networks because I grew up with them. Many of the new shows on traditional networks this Fall are the shows I h...
There's No Such Thing as Too Much TV
2 years ago
I would like to address a common complaint within the TV world about there being too many good shows and not enough time to watch them. Ever since the evolution of streaming sites like Netflix, the am...
Believing Movie Hype
2 years ago
Some people say you shouldn't listen to the hype. You should see the movie and judge for yourself. However, I have to take a moment here to praise movie hype in the first half of 2017 because it has b...
The Best TV Shows Right Now
2 years ago
To me, the greatest thing about television these days is that there are so many good shows to choose from. However, a common complaint of the golden age of television is that there are so many good sh...
Cosby: How Do You Laugh at a Rapist?
2 years ago
Before the year 2014, I would have put Bill Cosby's face on the Mount Rushmore of Hollywood. He has made influential contributions to the world of stand-up comedy, primetime television and family ente...
The Most Creative Century
2 years ago
We outdid ourselves in the 20th century. All you have to do is compare the year 1899 to the year 2000 and you will understand how influential the period inbetween was. I actually think we hit our crea...