F. Simon Grant

I'm a fiction writer and a collage artist.

Steve Ditko's Vision of Eternity in Dr. Strange
10 months ago
Steve Ditko will be remembered most for co-creating Spider-Man and Dr. Strange with Stan Lee (and may deserve more of the credit than Lee, depending on who you ask). He drew some of the most loved Spi...
The Wasp Who Never Laughs
10 months ago
The most unbelievable and dream-disrupting moment in Ant-Man and the Wasp is when Hope Van Dyne, in her first costumed appearance as the Wasp, delivers a hurrincanrana to some nameless villain minion....
The Forgotten and Undying Ones, Part Seven: Dr. Strange in the Original Infinity War
2 years ago
The funny thing about Dr. Strange being featured so prominently in leaked imagery from the set of Avengers: Infinity War is the weird and randomly truncated appearance in the original Infinity War min...
The Forgotten and Undying Ones, Part 5: Dr. Strange and Spider-Man
2 years ago
One of the best easter eggs in the Dr. Strange movie is a Spider-Man reference (essentially, indirectly, if you fudge it a little), and one of the first superheroes to be mentioned by name in a Spider...
The Forgotten and Undying Ones: Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom
2 years ago
One of the most widely loved Dr. Strange stories from the 80s is Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom: Triumph and Torment in which Dr. Strange helps Dr. Doom free Momma Doom’s soul from Mephisto, the most common...
Nightmare: Dr. Strange's First Enemy in the Shadow of Sandman
2 years ago
Nightmare, the likely villain of the Dr. Strange movie sequel, proves that Doc has one of the greatest rogues galleries in comics. I would describe Nightmare to any DC fan as the Joker with the power ...